Launch of iPhone 13 in the UAE: Prices revealed

On late Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook released new upgrades that will certainly make Apple customers happy.

According to Deepak Babani, executive vice-chairman of Eros Group, “Apple’s marketing philosophy has always been to establish unique value propositions. The industry has been dominated by sleek design and compact packaging. The iPhone 13 has, once again, created buzz in the market, with its improved camera, smaller notch, faster processor, and 5G feature. This is quite a strategic and consumer-centric improvisation, considering the utility of the phone.”

Before trade-in, iPhone 13 will cost Dh3,399. The iPhone 13 mini will cost Dh2,999, the iPhone 13 Pro will cost Dh4,199, and iPhone 13 Pro Max will cost Dh4,699.

Techxhub’s Vice President for Emerging Markets & IMEA, Sachin Kapoor, said: “The iPhone 13 brings fresh blood to an otherwise sluggish market. This version will certainly be a must-have for Apple fans with its enhanced camera, massive storage, portrait videos, and vibrant colors. Additionally, from an industry perspective, I believe that this launch will amplify their dominance in the premium mobile segment and generate strong sales for the entire mobile category. It is my firm belief that Apple’s offering will be a complete delight both for end-users and partners!

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