Top 10 Most Visited Websites in UAE

The internet landscape is constantly evolving, and monitoring website traffic is crucial to understanding user preferences and market trends, Most Visited Websites in UAE | Using data from the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool, we have compiled a list of the most visited websites in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for June 2023. This list will be updated monthly, enabling you to stay up-to-date with shifts in user interest and market dynamics.


Position: 1
Visits: 221,783,424
Pages / Visit: 5.21
Bounce Rate: 33.79%


Position: 2
Visits: 167,022,782
Pages / Visit: 3.22
Bounce Rate: 44.09%



Position: 3
Visits: 23,330,889
Pages / Visit: 2.70
Bounce Rate: 55.93%


Position: 4
Visits: 15,607,033
Pages / Visit: 2.02
Bounce Rate: 65.19%



Position: 5
Visits: 12,402,594
Pages / Visit: 1.87
Bounce Rate: 64.39%


Position: 6
Visits: 12,201,862
Pages / Visit: 8.02
Bounce Rate: 30.82%


Position: 7
Visits: 11,461,874
Pages / Visit: 6.22
Bounce Rate: 42.37%


Position: 8
Visits: 11,165,141
Pages / Visit: 1.38
Bounce Rate: 77.87%



Position: 9
Visits: 10,986,265
Pages / Visit: 1.63
Bounce Rate: 71.85%


10. ChatGPT

Position: 10
Visits: 10,388,206
Pages / Visit: 2.52
Bounce Rate: 59.54%


As we analyze the trends across these most popular websites, some interesting insights emerge. takes the top spot as the most visited website in the UAE for June 2023, attracting a staggering 221.8 million monthly visits. follows closely in second place, receiving 167.0 million visits during the same period, while also performs strongly with nearly 23.3 million visits.

When considering the engagement metrics, such as pages per visit and bounce rate, stands out with an impressive average of 8.02 pages per visit. On the other hand, exhibits the highest bounce rate, with 80.46% of visitors leaving the website after viewing only one page.

The data presented here provides valuable insights into user behavior and preferences in the UAE’s digital landscape. As websites compete for user attention, these metrics play a significant role in shaping strategies to enhance user experiences and drive more meaningful engagement.

The top websites page, utilizing the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool, offers a user-friendly and free way to discover the world’s most popular sites based on location and industry. By tracking monthly changes in website traffic and engagement metrics, users can observe and respond to evolving trends, ensuring they stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital environment.