Alserkal Cultural Foundation

AlSerkal cultural foundation is known as ACF also. It is the foundation located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.


Al Serkal Cultural Foundation was founded in 2015 by starting its work properly and the fonder of this foundation is Mr. Ahmad bi Eisa bu=in Nasser Alserkal.

AlSerkal was the first foundation which proves a first platform to support and appreciate emerging artists and designers with its goal of highlighting the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood by showing its rich archeological heritage, custom and intangible past with unforgettable history.

Al Serkal Foundation have a vibrant atmosphere displaying 5 exhibition halls, creativity corners, Art cafes, Rooftops, Fashion zone, Home décor corner, Book corner and workshop corner. This foundation was a big step in supporting the ambitious artists in different fields and appreciate their work by displaying it in different corners of the exhibition halls in the foundation.

They are very proud with having 110 artists and designers that they assisted in this course of journey to become famous and their work will be known by many people around. ACF is well known for its art corner mostly because art and handicrafts at their creativity corner is among hot buying stuff and have also made a dark mark for their different and unique elements and features.

History of ACF:

Alserkal Cultural Foundation was established in month of MAY in 2008 in Heritage house no 13 at Al Fahidi historical neighborhood district. This heritage house was built by Abdul Razzaq Uzatadi in 1925 and was renovated by Dubai Municipality in 2006 by saving the original aspects of the house.

This house contains a courtyard along rooms all around it and the wind tower which provides natural cooling system in older times. This heritage house hosted different lectures and talks that are organized with some associations such as architectural heritage association, poetry academy and Emirati Philatelic association.

The first exhibition in heritage house was held in 2008 by Artist Waleed al Shami and was inaugurated by H.E Muhamad Aham Al Murr, next exhibition was Al Multaga exhibition in 2009 March and H.H Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid vice president of Dubai attended this also.


The art exhibitions and different workshops that held in AlSerkal foundation are not only happen inside the foundation but also display outside the foundation as well. These exhibitions are held in different outside spots like Dubai Mall also offered these participants a good art and culture sense and understanding.

Among their indoor exhibitions are displayed on their roof top also, it is a treasure trove of difficult to find books with topics on Art, Travel, Architecture, Religion, Culture and Emirati customs and their history.

There is a corner of another art exhibition is Fashion corner where they display wearable art which is full of various cultural dresses and unique fashion senses. This fashion corner is a catwalk of modern designs with cultural touch.

Home corner is one another spot which is dedicated to display unique and good quality homemade stuff and products for your home decoration and to enhance the lifestyle in your homes.

Events and programs:

The AlSerkal foundation is a perfect venue for many events and a great ambience for different meetings, your brand promotions, team building activities, photo shoots, book launchings and signing programs, any private event.

So indeed this foundation is also a good experience of make Art Café, where people can involve in fresh salads and sandwiches, beverages, desserts and the top best coffee of the district will also be available there.


Al Serkal Cultural foundation is a good experience of a perfect house place daily from morning to evening seven days of week throughout the year. The foundation has almost 100,000 visitors in last 2 years.

The visitors are mostly from outside the country and internationally characters who explore this foundation through various exhibitions of their interests. They are actually from all the countries from the globe and seeking for the cultural enrichment, the tourists of the foundation are for high searching and the students came here are for searching the ideas to add their scrapbooks.

The photographers, bloggers, book publishers, families, walk in different expats, local people seeking for the recollections and online influencers are coming here to seek for the National history and culture and a complete area with full of UAE society.

Alserkal cultural foundation is a good promoter of UAE culture which is done in three levels, first is locally by showing local traditions then second is regionally by playing an important role in its neighborhood and last is globally by moving the UAE into the cultural hub that impresses talents, innovations and creations.

What is the mission and vision of ACF?

The mission of ACF is to promote, support, deliver voices of developers to the community. The Alserkal foundation has close link with the cultural life of Dubai. It always has a huge prospective and vision of national life, where art and culture play an important role.

Expect developers, innovators, merchants and entrepreneurs this foundation has produced the scholars, writers, authors that have written several books on astronomy, chemistry and on marine subject.

The chairman of the foundation always wants to take forward the vision and give it a new picture, he wants to give back the country by developing the Emirati soul and base through showing the nation’s unique culture and heritage creations.

According to him it is our social responsibility to shed light on our nation’s past and bring light to the present life through works of artists, writers and innovators.

Values of ACF:

The core value of ACF is developing the community and help the society by building healthy and observant community around. Their important aim is to provide chances and opportunity for creative and brilliant minds. Provide originality through their work and exhibitions and offer unique opportunities for growth of healthy society.

Message from the chairman:

Mr. Ahmad bin Eisa Nasser Alserkal is the chairman of this foundation, he gives message to the people who are interested to visit this foundation or participate in any exhibition over there, that the main goal of the foundation is to promote the cultural scene in their region. He said or intent is to dug a seed and grow a lush blooming tree with full of developments that will have a great positive impression on community, and help by holding hand in hand with many of the initiatives which are launched by H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Ruler of Dubai.

Opening hours:

On Fridays 10:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday to Thursday 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Visit Official Website by clicking here.

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