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Al Seef is a crowded destination, which spread over 1.8 km. It is originated on Dubai’s culture and heritage with beautiful atmosphere that reverberates in this place through the distinct heritage and modern areas.

It is located near the iconic Dubai Creek and making its place as Dubai’s heritage district. It depicts the beautiful traditions complexed with contemporary designs. This place is famous to combine the old traditional designs and the modern in one place by showcasing an impressing partnership between its rich past and bright future.

La Mer Dubai is a very famous place as a best tourist attraction, but this newly build area name AL SEEF build by Meraas is now one of the exciting places among other Dubai attractions. The developer of this property Meeras keep many minor stuff while building it such as the UAE’s traditional touch, their heritage history, cultural stuff along contemporary and modernism.

The Creekside area is in itself rich in culture and history as this is where fishermen, pearl-divers and tradesmen begun. Dubai is very famous in the world, to come up with new ideas and destinations, this area is one of those highly appreciated places which attracts visitors in many ways of life.


It is a destination that steeped in past history with Emirati culture. The first phase was opened firstly in 2017. There is a modern, shipping container like design which links all other attractions near Dubai Creek together.

It was started in its full mood with it contemporary aspects of life in UAE in 2018. It also depicts the past of the country in the early 20th century and pays homage to the culture of those days as well.

Dubai Creek separates two districts of Dubai, Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai, and these are the trading Hubs of Dubai. It is the only home and port in the city and was much important to develop Dubai’s pearl diving industry which will help in future to grow the economy of the country.

Who to visit?

Al Seef is known also as a dining shopping and luxuries spot and pleasuring destination. Al Seef is situated with in Al Fahidi neighborhood district near the Creek side. There are a lot of restaurants in Al Seef Dubai where you can book table on any restaurant and fascinate by the charm of the area.

It is a perfect destination where you can bring your friends and family along. If you are a visitor in Dubai this place is a must watch attraction of Dubai, recommended by many previous visitors. Al Seef is slightly different from the other tourist attractions of Dubai.

Al Seef spotlights the culture and heritage of the UAE so this aim reflects on everything and area throughout this place. So if you are more interested to learn the culture or heritage of the nation, you can visit Al Seef.

It is an ideal destination for children and women as they can enjoy in different ways, ladies can make friends while children can play out there.

Hotels and Restaurants in Al Seef:

Al Seef is a home to different types of restaurants and hotels. There are three hotels with almost 550 rooms and suites in them. These hotels also showcased the history and culture of the emirate they are situated in.

Hilton’s three hotels are located around this area with the Hampton by Hilton Al Seef Dubai, Canopy by Hilton Al Seef Dubai and Hilton’s Curio Collection. The last creatures’ traditional architecture and natural colors, while the former two preceding modern design led areas and comfortable rooms along welcoming and very humble staff.

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The Canopy by Hilton also has a must visit roof top pool with mesmerizing views of the Creek and Skyline. These all hotels are offering huge facilities to visitors who are staying there such as swimming pools, breakfast on terraces, lunch brunch, private parks for children and many more.

Two Faces of Al SEEF Dubai:

There are two sides of picture in Al Seef Dubai, one shows the old part of it and another shows modern part of it. This means about two type of areas within the district where you can see its modern aspects and in other area you can see its old culture and traditions depicts by stones and wind towers. The whole thing blended very well. It is a perfect place for a relaxing stroll particularly at night.

You can have a lot of spots to capture the fascinating views with in the destination while sitting in any restaurant or lying on a couch of any of the three hotels. Some traditional building with wind towers in Al See, houses various shops and restaurants.

The 18km strip splits into 2 regions, the modern one has contemporary Meraas hallmarks like shipping container building but on other hand the second side is designed like Old Dubai with narrow streets, market sell traders and building with old finishing and looks.

When to visit Al Seef Dubai:

Al Seef is bit crowdy almost daily as it is among the historical and traditional areas of Dubai and people form the country and an international level, also come to visit there in seeking of UAE’s traditions. It is mostly busy during weekends specially on Fridays.

On Fridays families and group of friend’s rush to visit Al Seef to enjoy there. The cold season is best for the touristic attractions as people love to come out and visit different attractions these days. Dubai’s weather is mostly humid and hot so people recommend to come to Dubai between November to March.

How to go there?

It is very accessible to go Al Seef through metro station of Burjuman and if you want to walk and enjoy the weather you can love to take a leisurely walk.

Al Seef features:

There is plenty of stuff to see there such as shops, markets, cafes, diners, restaurants, jewelry shops, outdoor areas, retail outlets and areas for public events. There are many cafes and restaurants that offer world class food and beverages. The famous Ice creams spots like Baskin Robins is also there to get an attraction from kids and families.

In short you will have a lot of fun with food and entertainment on Al Seef Dubai. It is growing rapidly after just building it, people are coming across the UAE to visit there and enjoy the charming modern and traditional tastes throughout the area. As it is near the shores of Dubai Creek so people will feel calming and peace full environment there.


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