Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai desert conservation reserve is a first national park in UAE. The Dubai desert conservation reserve offers its visitors an adorable landscape of sand dunes and fauna of desert. The land where it is situated is bought in 1993 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and it was a huge camel farm.

The DDCR was inspired by national parks in South Africa. After watching the South Africa’s national parks, they decided that Dubai needs its own reserve. Its biggest aim was to maintain their heritage alive in some parts of origin as it is in their culture and heritage that in their older times their whole area was belonged to desert only. It was expected that Dubai’s this step by making reserve will protect our last unspoiled desert and different Arabian style of life for the future generations.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve was carefully planned rehabilitation from many years that has resulted in a safe and protected atmosphere for the safety of desert wilderness. Along the development of Dubai in various fields of life in Gulf, the Dubai government has long identified the need to protect its unique beautiful desert habitat.

There are different species of threatened flora and fauna in the desert so this reserve was a huge step to protect those endangered species and to save them by spoiling and vanishing.

Detailed Introduction:

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a 225sqm natural reserve in Dubai, UAE and was established by an Emirati on 9th Jan 2002. It has taken only 5 percent of Dubai’s total landmass. It gives one of the UAE’s good opportunities and chance to view native wildlife. It is one of the best attraction where you can experience the adventure chances of the inland desert.

This attraction place is full of options that are a lot of in numbers and interest level as well, including hot air balloon fights on hot Arabian desert, morning sand dune dives, private desert safari and variety of outdoor dinner in a Bedouin style camps.

If you are interested to visit Dubai Desert you must book any touring company to have a detail visit and the stress less too. If you will book a guided tour with a transportation of round trip but that tour guide and transport should be approved and you can book half or full day both tours.

The Dubai desert is a best place to visit for those who are lover of adventures life and enthusiastic for outdoor activities and exciting adventures. The Dubai desert are the most adventures place with rolling dunes and set the scenic beauty for thrill seekers to have an experience of heavy bike riding, off roading, sandboarding, falcon demonstration and camel trekking.


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The important things you must know before planning a visit:

  • The first thing you must know is that all guided tours are providing from Dubai or from any emirate, at least two to seven hours but it depends on the option you chose.
  • You should bring your sun screen with you as desert is totally open without any shade and too sunny and hot which can affect your skin.
  • Remember to take your Sun glasses and a hat along you so you can enjoy everything in desert easily and safely because sunglasses can save your eyes from sand in the air and from sunlight both.
  • Yes, the main care for this journey is to bring your water bottles with you. May be it will sound childish but there are more chances to be dehydrated in desert’s arid environment.
  • You must wear comfortable dresses and shoes also, especially if you are planning to participate in any adventures activity.

How you can go to DDCR:

The Dubai desert conservation reserve is located about 60 kilometers outside the Dubai. It will be a total journey of 45 minutes to go there by road. You can book any guided tour operator for your trip to desert reserve. There are offering different options to the people such as different desert thrilling activities, camel riding, buffet dinner and many more, so you can choose the package and hire them for the trip.

What is the suitable time to go to DDCR?

The best time or suitable one is the temperature of around 80⁰F to visit the Dubai Desert, actually for any place in Dubai you must choose this temperature weather as Dubai’s weather is too hot and humid. The best months for this temperature are from November to March but January to March there always more chances of raining in Dubai so the plan to visit the Desert is not suitable in rainy season.

Flora and Fauna:

As we discussed earlier that the main aim to create that reserve was to protect the habitat of desert and different species of flora and fauna of the desert. At first it may look like an empty quite area but desert is full of life, the life of wildcats, Arabian Oryx, Sand fox, critters, Gordon’s wildcat, Hedgehog, Arabian hare, gazelle and pygmy shrew.

You can see many colorful and lively plants in desert with the several species of trees, shrubs, herbs and grass. The main success of making this reserve desert is saving Arabian Oryx which is the specie of antelope.

Before this national park The Arabian Oryx was almost close to extinct but now after making this park in the desert they are live now more than 1000 in numbers. Since the preservation and protection started in 2004 this national park reserve has become home to 120 birds, more than 50 plants and 43 animals and reptiles.

Options of Activities:

The perfect way to explore this Dubai desert reserve is through desert safari by traversing the beautiful desert dunes, watched endangered animals in their habitat and experience the original Emirati experiences. There a lot more activities and attraction for you in the reserve such as Falconry where you can witness an original falcon and you can have a ride on horses and camels.

You can enjoy sand skiing which is a modern thrilling activity which allows you ski down the beautiful sand dunes as they are not sand dunes but the snow. You can travel to the past at sunset by going to Bedouin camp where you can have an Emirati meal with enjoying Shisha if you want so, henna, belly dances on Arabic music and a lot of attractive activities.

The Dubai desert reserve is also a member of International Union to protect the Nature, and have received internationally recognition for their hard work and efforts in saving and securing the habitat and natural wildlife of the desert.


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