Belgium Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Belgium pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai will prove an eco-friendly pavilion with support of fries. The pavilion will produce on renewable aspects to nourish its energy demands, clever technologies to nourish the plants and country’s top-notch cuisine to feed the guests.

Dubai is arranging Expo 2020, the 35th World’s Fair. Belgium is a country in western Europe. It is well known for medieval towns, re-emergence architectural and as head offices of the European Union and NATO. Belgium is well known for its waffles, fries, chocolate and beer.

Belgium has many distinguishing national dishes, many globally popular foods such as spaghettis and hamburgers etc. There are many famous singer, actor, Tennis player and fiction characteristics in Belgium. So as Belgium is very famous for its foods, the same thing they showcase in their Belgium pavilion.

Features of Belgium pavilion

  • To feature 1000 plants in one place
  • To experience the Belgian sustainability creations and innovations
  • To taste some of the tastiest fries in the world.
  • To explore Belgium’s green span and dome.

Mobility District

The Belgium pavilion is located in Mobility pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai. The exhibition, mesmeric and collaborative, exemplifies for its part the mobility of future. Starting from Belgian creations, it utilizes a potential scenography to evoke up an image of beautiful and green Belgium 2050.

Theme of the pavilion ‘Smart and Green Belgium 2050’

The Belgian pavilion joins state-of-art techniques, especially in terms of ecological accent, offering a journey concentrated on the mobility of tomorrow. In the form of a green basket, the building showcases Belgian manufacturing, technological and systematic knowledge and will be a reference in areas of eco design.

The pavilion, a scrapple ‘smart building’, is a lyric to the circular wealth. The pavilion will show the latest technological creations. The main memo from the Belgium Pavilion will invest in Belgium, labor with Belgium, tour to Belgium. The fries, waffle and beer stalls will increase to Belgium atmosphere’

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Architect and design

Besix is the Pavilion Project Manager, with Vincent Callebaut, Assar architects and Krafthaus work shop on the architecture. Construction will begin in July 2019. By November, the superstructures are expected to complete and work on the interior can begin.

The project is decided as part of a public call for all tenders by the Belgian Commission General (Bel Expo), is a constitution by BESIX, Assar Architects, Vincent Callebaut Architectures.

The pavilion will incorporate a large business center and a restaurant, perfect for activities, seminars, meetings and different travel attraction for customers, all arranged by Belgian companies.

The building has a design of a green ark. Drubbel said: ‘Trying to imagine how your grandchildren will proceed in future is not confirm. The Belgium pavilion will contrary your thinking.

While located in Mobility District, the pavilion also enhances impressive green credentials, in agreement with key-theme od Sustainability. Local and memorial materials, adding recycled and re-useable products ‘and virtuous lops’ will use to build Belgium pavilion at Expo 2029 Dubai.

To accommodate its aim as a zero-waste structure, waste isolation will be a sub area of focus for the pavilion’s developers, with the pavilion also planned to be ‘assembled to be transported, dismantled and constructed’. The building had been design to measure, compensate, reduce its releasing in a responsible method.

This great ecological pavilion has 10,000 plants in the building. These make sure a total uptake of 35 tons of CO2 throughout the 173 days Expo. Different modern renewable energies confirm that the pavilion make more energy than it uses. It is almost become a waste neutral structure.


Belgium pavilion is expected to put Belgium on the map worldwide by making a super ecological structure of the pavilion to which the name also mentions, The Green Ark.

It will be a zero-waste structure. There are different options for collaboration and sponsorship, types of cooperation and sponsoring options, from platinum and Gold to silver Bronze packages.


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