Monaco Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Monaco pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is a variegated experience that will disclose new aspects. This pavilion will traverse the principality’s various national identity by multiple sensory trip. This polygonal pavilion will grasp visitors on a multi-sensory tour through reflected exhibition areas, duplicating the sights and scent of the French Riviera.

Monaco is a sovereign nation-state, country, and mini-state on the French Riviera in West Europe. Monaco is not officially a part of France. Monaco is on the second number in the world as smallest country. It is also well known as Billionaire playground.

This small city is famous for the lush wealth, casino and seductive events for example Monaco yacht show and Monaco grand prix.

Important features of Monaco pavilion

  • To explore multiple stages, duplicating the twisting and turning streets of Monaco.
  • This will be a ground of Opportunities which will escort to life and Monaco’s hot, sunny climate.
  • To witness Kaleidoscope which will display the country’s culture, innovation, art and many more things
  • This polygonal pavilion will bring visitors on a multi-sensory tour through transparent exhibition spaces.

Theme (Monaco 360◦ a World of Opportunities)

The all-embracing theme of the Monaco pavilion is Monaco 360◦. Inside this theme, Monaco will unfold the multi-surface and variety of opportunities the country has to offer by an attractive and content-packed exhibition.

Albert Croesi The managing director of Monaco Inter Expo(MIE), introduced the pavilion to stakeholders and partners from the different economy, culture and politics worlds.

The theme of the pavilion Monaco 360 a world of opportunities is in line with the main theme of expo ‘connecting minds, creating the future’. During this course of six months long program, Monaco will show its power and status as a meeting end where people, technologies and ideas can come together and connect with each other.

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The construction of the pavilion was started in October 2019 and until spring a huge team of workers was expected to be on site building the structure from scratch what will create Monaco pavilion 360, ‘A world of opportunities’

After spring when the temperature will raise up to 45 degrees, Monaco pavilion workers will complete the inner areas of the pavilion like exhibition areas, the restaurants and the main show room. The pavilion’s construction project includes more than 100 workers a day.

With the experienced Monegasque firm of Electricity and Gas teams, they make energy by using solar photo voltaic panels from the end of the 2019 to 2021 September, so they will balance out the electricity which will use during the expo.

The pavilion will showcase its energy manufacturing and knowledge by re-allocation the sunlight it has saved during the day throughout the pavilion at expo 2020

Architect/Design (AODA, OOS)

The Architecture of Monaco pavilion will be a fascinating and surprising experience for visitors. The pavilion design is inspired by a Kaleidoscope that integrates the ‘Rock of Monaco’ and reviews many facets of principality.

The characteristics of this is; Its actions, professions, diversity, magnificent amount of activities and multi perspectives.

The Monaco pavilion is a mixture of different stations such as penguins, digital progression, Portiere cove, Typical corals, explorations, art and culture. The pavilion hosts temporary exhibition building which will be open to private and public organizations.

The polygonal shape of the Monaco pavilion with the good use of solar radiation panels provoke the Eco friendly government of Monaco and the actions taken by this government to save the environment.

They design the pavilion with a balance of consumption of electricity near to zero. The second aim to build this pavilion that focus that the great number of its used material to be reused.

Levels of pavilion

The pavilion is cover over different levels same like the mazy streets of Monaco which are full of beautiful surprises. It is inviting to discover, explore, observe and communicate with environment of cultural aspects.

Visitors will entertain in two main exhibition areas in the Monaco pavilion. The first is ‘The garden of opportunities’ displays the projects and the top quality pioneering work, made by Monaco and globally. It will look a fantasy green garden which one can imagine and this whole area will consist charm and curiosity in it so visitors will engage fully by visiting it.

The second area is an event or a show that will show the identity of Monaco. A 360-degree absorption that brings the visitors into the past history, values and culture of Monaco and its nation.

A private and flexible place on the first floor inside the Rock sanctions the organization of programs, meetings, conferences to underline the participation of the princedom.

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