Mobility Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Mobility pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is a pavilion that showcasing the human development through physical and digital domains. Mobility pavilion is a platform where participants will define how people, ideas, goods and facts move and what these all means.

It is a journey to proceed from the past, present and the future of variation, from ancient research to artificial intellect.

This journey will begin at the world’s biggest upraising platform, which will take you to the house of intelligence in 9th century Baghdad before direct to meet nine-meter-high ancient giants of Mobility.

When Expo will open its door visitors will also welcome to experience the three sub-themes of this Expo. One of the theme is Mobility which contains of different subjects such as digital connectivity, exploration and travel and logistics.

Objectives of Mobility pavilion

To retail, F&B and live events and programs.

The objective of the pavilion is to support human development through digital and physical sphere. The theme decently draws references from the past and present, while including it with different new technological change that will soon be escort to the market.

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Visitors can witness everything, straight from the days of old exploration through to the undiscovered boundaries of artificial intelligence. Through the Mobility pavilion the visitors will be able to enjoy hypnotic cultural experiences and explore what makes the theme different from others.

Theme of the Mobility pavilion

Mobility pavilion’s theme is Mobility which means the ability to move freely and the ability to move ahead in various levels in community or any organization.

The Mobility pavilion presents the key Expo theme. Omnium splits the merit of innovation, knowledge and making the opportunity. Participants are passionate about providing services which will create a mesmerizing, practical and sustainable achievement.

Mobility pavilion’s one of the main themes is the issue or problem of mobility. such as How we move, explore and link is main to expo 2020’s aspiration to make a permanent difference to the region and international community.

The Mobility pavilion targets to connect people, giving them the opportunities and provisions to allow them to do any business, explore and access to knowledge, innovations and solutions which will authorize regional and international societies.

Architect and design

Mobility pavilion is designed by globally famous and respected architects nurture and partners; The Mobility pavilion utilizes a 12,000 square meter plot with 4,000 areas for exhibitions which will be close to the Expo and will become home to different, exclusive office space.

Jump forward in time to set foot into a virtual world overflowing with facts, then step into the city of tomorrow. You may even be assisted by a robot or drone server along the way.

Providing pre and post contract QS services on the pavilion, Omnium is overjoyed to be involved not only in this pavilion project but in other pavilions of Expo 2020 and to architect Santiago Calatrava on the UAE pavilion.

The Mobility pavilion is an elegant trefoil-shaped structure., supplement the Expo’s theme of connections, as the development moves on-the-spot, the team will continue to make sure that this main value of the project is effected throughout the pavilion’s build.

Construction of the pavilion

Every step of the Mobility pavilion is innovative. As soon aa visitors will enter this pavilion, they will be happy by the world’s foremost rope less elevator for skyscrapers. This well-known construction is simply hard to forget.

Engineered by Thyssenkrupp Elevator, this is developing system which was chosen as one of the Expo’s light house projects. The Mobility pavilion’s architecture leads to life the idea of what the future of mobility and limit will look like.

Every step of this design will promote the idea that the new ideas will help and give benefits to mankind. The Mobility pavilion will contribute to Dubai’s economic growth.

Top events of the Mobility pavilion

  • All events which will happen in this pavilion will center on the theme of Mobility.
  • Include conversations and debates about the importance of Mobility pavilion’s theme.
  • Visitors will also welcome to grab in workshops on engrossing ways to go about Mobility.
  • This pavilion will also host programs for investors and the business communities.
  • To represent opportunities to invest in technological achievements.

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