Cayan Tower – Dubai

Cayan tower is a tower situated in Dubai with height of 306-meter. It is also known as Infinity Tower before its inauguration. Cayan Tower is a 75-storey skyscraper in Dubai, UAE. It is made by Cayan Real Estate investment and development company.

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill SOM architectural group designed Cayan Tower and they did the concept designing for Burj Khalifa and Trump tower of Chicago as well. After the official opening of Cyan tower on 10th June 2013 it marked itself the world’s tallest high-rise building with 90 degrees’ twist. This record broke after Shanghai Tower opening in February 2015.

Architecture and design of Cayan Tower:

The Cayan Tower’s artistry is designed in twisting style and get rotating floor at 1.2 degrees around an elevator and service core. The apartments of this tower is designed with restored wooden floors, kitchen fixtures and Chinese marble counter edge cover. The designers of the tower worked systematically to build this tower with regular components and repeatable floor plans.

The rooms of the Cayan tower has designed in the way that sunlight cannot affect them directly because of titanium colored panels of metal on concrete blocks aided with monotonous staggered screen panels to prevent sunlight from bothering the people living in the tower. There are less balconies in the tower so it helps to give feelings of enclosure with perfect solar shading. The tower has also a big parking garage behind the tower.

Building of the Tower presents itself as a sculpture of Art, which is free standing and seen able from Marina Dubai and commerce as well because this great aim of repeating floorplans is that they smooth process of selling building’s 495 apartments that range from studios to duplexes of four bedroom

Construction history and inauguration:

In the construction’s history of the tower, there is on very important part that it’s construction was on hold for a year when in 2007,7th of February, the site was flooded by breaching of the wall that held back at Marina Dubai. It is said that loud cracking sound heard and then sand and water inflow inside the site. After one year in 2008 the construction work resumed.

The official launch or the Cayan tower was done with great fireworks. It was inaugurated on 10th June 2013 with laser light displays on the tower. The Cayan tower was become the world’s tallest building of that time with twisted tower and surpassing the Turning Torso. It is built at the cost of $272 million and setting a record for skyscrapers and several engineering marvels.

The tower was first called by the name of infinity tower then they changed its name from Infinity tower to Cayan Tower. One of the developer of the tower said that There is enough than one tower with the name Infinity but we wanted something unique.

Cayan tower as a skyscraper:

The Cayan tower is a helical skyscraper which makes a definite mark on the Dubai Skyline. It is a remarkable and precise tower. This is a residential tower with pure expression of idea that building’s structure should follow its framework directly.

The skyscraper’s floorplates that are 73 and all are identical, every plate is little bit rotated is case of below storey, resulting in 90 degrees fully and twist over the course of 307-meter rise tower. The advantage of this unique form except the aesthetic ones are numerous.

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The wind power or solar heat is less as compare to a rectangular shape building of the same height. The great number of tenants are afforded advantageous views of nearest areas of Marina and gulf. This tower is a rational thought in Art service and commerce.

The Cyan tower acts as an Urban gateway at its ground floor which is connecting the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Marina and the city around. It also gives a visual spot of reference on the skyline city. The Cayan tower has won at annual EMPORIS sky scraper awards.

Visitors experience:

The Cayan tower which was formerly known as Infinity tower Dubai is hosting many visitors every year. The visitors or guests that are coming and staying in this tower amazed with the features and the twisting part of the tower. They love to have a detail visit inside the building as many of the tourist guidance companies are arranging the tours for Cayan tower.

If you are planning to see this twisting and revolving building you should check any tour advisor and book your tri, it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed after watching it in detail and learning about the features of this tower. Cayan tower is a residential tower so you can book an apartment there as well to enjoy your life in luxuries way and in exciting style of revolving along the mesmerizing views of Marina Dubai and the city beyond.

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