Czech Republic Pavilion – Expo 2020

Czech Pavilion – Expo 2020 is providing a blossom ambiance and sophisticated sustainability inventiveness. The pavilion will also lift a large –scale insertion that shows the country’s long heritage of glassmaking.

Visitors of Czech pavilion will be influence by its masterpiece, that creates fecund land in the barren state of the desert by pulling out water vapor from the air. This achievement of technology, that has vast potential, utilize only solar energy and Czech creations.

The Czech Republic, is known by its short type name, Czechia. It is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The Czech Republic has the second lowest poverty cost of OECD members only beyond Denmark. Czech is famous for its beautiful castles and gothic buildings.

Czech pavilion promises to transform the desert into an oasis through views of latest technology.

Features of Czech pavilion

  • To experience a restaurant displaying Czech cuisine.
  • A circulating exhibition which will go through into the cultural face of Czech Republic
  • A room for meetings where business representative can assemble.
  • Enjoy mesmeric cultural experiences and explore what makes each participating country unique

Sustainability District

The Czech pavilion is located in the area of ‘Sustainability’ on a plot with an area of 2200sq. It will be very next to the main entrances of exhibition deck, making it among those pavilions that are seen able from the side.

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Theme of the pavilion

The Czech Republic pavilion at Expo 2020 will traverse the theme ‘Czech Spring’. Which will view new technology that assures to convert a desert into an oasis. It uses only solar energy and local innovations from Czech.

that One of the best sustainability creations, the Czech pavilion will discover how to transform a desert into a beautiful green oasis. This centerpiece will covert desert into fertile coast.

Architect and design

The expert committee, made by famous architects and members of the business corporations as well as members of academia, expressed that this pavilion is particular and original enough. The Czech pavilion is designed by architecture house Formosa AA.

The pavilion design mentions to the S.A.W.E.R. system, that produces water out from the air using solar power and fertilize the desert using underground cultures. It is also the mechanical core of the national exhibition.

The natural structure made out of bioplastic tubes is directly linked to the S.A.W.E.R system giving a passive trimming into an active type of the system. The tubes grow out of a garden generated by fertile desert in direct contact with the middle of gravity of the pavilion.

In the exterior the shade is provided by a cloud for flower beds where visitors will enter into the pavilion and then it moves into the interior as an origin of crystal clear and chill water. It straightly communicates with the enormous installation of designer’s crystal glass, that is fixed in one of the axes of the main entrance hall.

The technology is naturally desegregated to the pavilion organism and in conjunction with it, is firmly manifests a hybrid eco system in the substructure where nature and technology connect.

The blending of these two words, looks so tough at first sight, makes an unbelievable symbiosis. The life force of the pavilion organism is water that pierce and unifies all its parts from garden that is watered by it to a spring that is sustained by it Up to a natural time, water feature an icon of transformation energy hidden inside this pavilion.

The architectural concept highlights quite well the main topic of the suspicious transformation of seemingly empty non seen air to tangible water. This marvelous process is an output of new magic origin of science and technology.

Visitors expectations

Visitors will expect in the Czech Republic pavilion to experience the European nation’s long history of making glass wares. This will feature a big scale installation proudly displaying its centuries old craft.

Visitors will entertain through solar powered technology that can absorb water vapor from air and turn desert into green land.

They will enjoy the restaurant serving the most famous foods such as goulash which will be one more mouthwatering attraction of Czech pavilion.

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