Etisalat is offering visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai free passes and special offers

eLife customers who sign up for Etisalat’s service will receive free multi-day passes and other rewards worth up to Dh1,800.

The world’s fastest mobile network, along with the best of TV entertainment and superfast broadband speeds, will be available at Expo 2020 Dubai with Etisalat’s special Expo 2020 Dubai offers and benefits. Khaled Elkhouly, chief consumer officer for Etisalat, said: “We are excited to introduce a range of data and voice benefits, the deal also includes free double data and bill discounts, enhanced TV programming and incredible internet speeds at your home, along with complimentary passes to Expo 2020 Dubai.

We at Etisalat are committed to offering top-notch benefits to our customers and are continually evaluating and innovating ways to provide best-in-class value to all segments of our customer base.”

A one-day Expo pass is included with Visitor Line Premium and Visitor Line Premium+ plans. In addition to 6GB data, 120 flexible minutes, five hours of free WiFi, and Dh100 off Careem taxis, the Visitor Line Premium plan (Dh125) gives instant access to Smiles ‘Unlimited Buy 1 Get 1’ vouchers. In the Visitor Line Premium+ (Dh200) plan, you get 22.5GB of data, 525 minutes, and 30 hours of free WiFi, just like Careem and Smiles.

The company’s latest Freedom plans have been introduced – New Freedom beginning with Plan 200 and Emirati Freedom starting with Plan 250 – and will provide customers with double data for three months and discounts up to Dh225 on their monthly bill.

As part of the online registration process, customers can choose from a variety of complimentary one-day, multi-day, and season passes.

eLife also offers great deals to new customers who sign up online. In addition to multi-day passes, Etisalat is offering other free perks valued at up to Dh1,800. In addition to a free speed boost of 250Mbps, three months of free premium TV packages, and free installation, these benefits are included as well.

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