Expo 2020 Live: How the UAE story will be told

This is Our Time and all roads lead to Expo 2020 Dubai, for the grand spectacle begins tonight. For its star-studded opening ceremony tonight, the Expo venue will come to life with music, dance, drama, and projections.

A young Emirati girl will provide the narrative during tonight’s impressive opening ceremony. Experia Arabia, as the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, represents a unique opportunity to tell the Emirati story on a global stage.

She embodies hopes for the future of not only the UAE but for the generations to come as she observes the challenges of today. Her journey teaches us lessons about how we affect our world and how we need to find balance between them. The opening ceremony was developed so that all aspects of the narrative blend the authenticity of the UAE without compromising its universality,” she explained.

Expo 2020 chief events and entertainment officer Tareq Ghosheh said, “Our eye turned to Dubai as the inspiration to tell a story reflecting its principles and beliefs while maintaining the quality of our creativity and technology to be the best we are capable of. Al Wasl Plaza also has the right atmosphere for such an event, since it emotionally personifies Dubai in one location. In our efforts to convey the history of this nation to people of all ages, we wanted to capture its unique spirit in a way that is meaningful to people from all backgrounds and cultures.”

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