Fly Jinnah: Most Pakistanis are in favor of using the founding father’s name for commercial activities

Pakistan will benefit from an additional budget airline on domestic and international routes next year following the announcement of a joint venture between Air Arabia and Lakson Group to launch “Fly Jinnah”, but the joint venture has sparked debate over using the name of the country’s founder in commercial activity.

According to a survey from a news agency on its social media followers on its social media platforms. The majority said ‘yes’ to the move, but suggested the new airline should be called ‘Jinnah Airline’ instead of ‘Fly Jinnah’.

Over 950 respondents said there was no harm in using Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s name for commercial purposes on Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.

According to the survey, 60 percent of participants support the move, while 30 percent oppose it, arguing that the government shouldn’t allow commercial activity in the name of the country’s founder.

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