Norway Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Norway Pavilion in Expo 2020 is an expedition revolutionized by the need for clean and hygienic ocean. In this pavilion you can explore the deep blue sea and learn the importance of ocean protection.

Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country surrounding by the mountains and glaciers. Oslo is the capital of the country which is full of green places and museums. Norway is also famous for hiking, fishing and skiing.

Norway is a safe a country as the crime rates are very less in numbers, even in big cities of Norway. The citizens of Norway speak Norwegian language and they share almost a common culture.

Features of Norway pavilion

  • An exciting expedition that highlights the problems which Norwegian’s are facing in their oceans.
  • Leading-edge innovations that can help to beat these challenges.
  • An interactive exhibition area with approximately 680 square meter.
  • To find out Norway’s naval heritage and its marine activities by exploring from the seabed to the surface of water.

Theme ‘Norway; as a world leading ocean nation’

Norway publicized that all the participants who will participate in this pavilion will work under the theme ‘Norway as a world leading ocean nation’ In this theme they actually aim to make Norway to be a nation with a leading ocean.

Norway’s coastline is one of the lengthy coastline in the world, and marine spaces are five times larger than land. Many of Norwegians work in ocean factories as oil and gas, maritime and seafood zones. So in total these factories are 70 percent of Norwegians export income.

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Norway’s Part in International solutions

Norway government said that Norway is playing a great part in the global attempts to promote clean, healthy and hygiene ocean.

It is added that Norwegians should take a global leadership part on some important ocean issues and should be at the arenas where solutions of world’s challenges are debated. Expo 2020 will be a perfect arena where they can discuss their faced challenges for ocean cleanliness.


Architect (Rintala Eggertsson, Expomobilia , Five currents)

The Norway pavilion is built by a union between Rintala Eeggertsson Architects, FiveCurrents and Expomobilia. The Norway pavilion’s Architect and design will feature Norway’s position in ocean issues. So in this regard all exhibition that will showcase in Norway pavilion, will present a glance into what Norway can do to preserve and long lasting use of ocean.

This pavilion is built on the overarching theme of the ocean this is why this pavilion is designed to parallel a Norwegian ship. It is designed by the Oslo based architect company and it will have 80% recycling.

The program of the pavilion will bring you into the Ocean theme and will showcase the Norway’s technology, innovation, creativeness and the reliable solutions in a good way.

It is situated near to the main entrance of Expo. It is located in Opportunity district next to opportunity pavilion. There will be enough arrangements for visitors in VIP programs in pavilion. There are selected number of thematic programs prepared to take place in Norway’s pavilion at Expo 2020.

Visitors journey

Visitors journey inside the pavilion will begin beneath the sea bed, leading towards all levels of the ocean till surface. This journey will be awning

  • environmental and atmosphere aspects
  • research and innovation
  • reliable solutions


This journey is inspired by a clean and healthy ocean. Through this pavilion they will show to the world their issues facing in the oceans.

They will showcase many thematic events and exhibitions in the Norway pavilion to talk about ocean related issues and their solutions. They aim to tell the world that they are playing an important and leading role in the international efforts to promote healthy and clean oceans.

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