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Timings of Muslim prayers: Salah, Adhan, and Rakat


Muslims who are not Arabs refer to Salah as Namaz, meaning ‘prayer’ or ‘supplication’. Islam has five fundamental beliefs and practices, including salah, which is one of them. They are as follows:

  1. Faith declaration (Shahada). There is no God but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of God.
  2. Prayer (Salah)
  3. Charity (Zakat)
  4. Fasting (Sawm)
  5. Pilgrimage (Haj)

Adult Muslims are required to perform Salah five times a day, according to the movement of the sun.

  1. The dawn before sunrise is known as Fajr
  2. The highest point of the Sun after noon is called Dhuhr
  3. At the end of the afternoon, called Asr
  4. Immediately following sunset: Maghrib
  5. The time between sunset and midnight is called Isha

Every Muslim has the right to pray anywhere. Nevertheless, many Muslims pray in masjids in congregation. Masjids are places of worship for Muslims. As Muslims pray together in congregation, they realize all humanity is one and all are equal in God’s sight.

16 July
Dhu Al Hijja 17
4:06 AM5:31 AM12:25 PM3:49 PM7:13 PM8:38 PM
17 July
Dhu Al Hijja 18
4:07 AM5:32 AM12:25 PM3:49 PM7:12 PM8:37 PM
18 July
Dhu Al Hijja 19
4:07 AM5:32 AM12:25 PM3:49 PM7:12 PM8:37 PM
19 July
Dhu Al Hijja 20
4:08 AM5:33 AM12:25 PM3:49 PM7:12 PM8:36 PM
20 July
Dhu Al Hijja 21
4:09 AM5:33 AM12:25 PM3:49 PM7:11 PM8:36 PM
21 July
Dhu Al Hijja 22
4:09 AM5:34 AM12:25 PM3:50 PM7:11 PM8:35 PM
22 July
Dhu Al Hijja 23
4:10 AM5:34 AM12:25 PM3:50 PM7:10 PM8:34 PM
23 July
Dhu Al Hijja 24
4:11 AM5:35 AM12:25 PM3:50 PM7:10 PM8:34 PM
24 July
Dhu Al Hijja 25
4:11 AM5:35 AM12:25 PM3:50 PM7:10 PM8:33 PM
25 July
Dhu Al Hijja 26
4:12 AM5:36 AM12:25 PM3:50 PM7:09 PM8:32 PM
26 July
Dhu Al Hijja 27
4:13 AM5:36 AM12:25 PM3:51 PM7:09 PM8:32 PM
27 July
Dhu Al Hijja 28
4:14 AM5:37 AM12:25 PM3:51 PM7:08 PM8:31 PM
28 July
Dhu Al Hijja 29
4:14 AM5:37 AM12:25 PM3:51 PM7:08 PM8:30 PM
29 July
Dhu Al Hijja 30
4:15 AM5:38 AM12:25 PM3:51 PM7:07 PM8:30 PM
30 July
Muharram 01
4:15 AM5:38 AM12:25 PM3:51 PM7:07 PM8:29 PM
31 July
Muharram 02
4:16 AM5:39 AM12:25 PM3:51 PM7:06 PM8:29 PM
Prayer Timings in Ras Al Khaimah RAK

Call to prayer: Adhan

Adhan is the name given to the public call to prayer. The muezzin is the masjid’s designated caller of prayer, delivering the Adhan from the masjid. Muezzins recite the following Takbir (glorification of God) during the call to prayer: “Allahu akbar”.

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