The top ten pavilions you must visit at Dubai Expo 2020

There will be visitors from all around the world at Dubai Expo until March 2022. The exhibition consists of 200 pavilions, of which 191 belong to participating countries. As a result, it is extremely difficult to decide which pavilions should be included in the must-visit list and which ones should be omitted. This is particularly important if you’re only in Dubai for a short time.

Expo 2020 will be the world’s most innovative and largest expo to date in terms of scale and scope. There is no doubt it will not disappoint visitors of all kinds. As a result of the involvement of some of the most renowned world architects, designers, and artists in this project, you can now admire their work. Hence, we have listed some of my favorite pavilions either based on their spectacular architecture or interesting content.

01. Japan Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

Japan is the only pavilion we would recommend visiting if you could only choose one. Compared to many other grandiose and colorful pavilions, the Japan exhibition is simple and elegant, with origami-inspired architecture that looks humble and minimalistic. As a matter of fact, it is not the look of the pavilion that impresses me, but the tour itself. This could serve as inspiration to many other countries. However, the Japan exhibit was the one that everyone talked about the most.

There was so much to like about the experience, from the polite staff to the presentation of the culture and innovative ideas, to the way it evoked emotions. During the tour, we were impressed by how much detail was paid to each step. The list of countries I want to visit has definitely been topped by Japan.

There is a waiting time of up to three hours for the Japan pavilion visit. The tour takes one hour; the waiting time varies from 30 minutes to three hours. The best time to arrive is before 10 AM.

02. UAE Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020, hosted by the UAE, certainly ensured that their pavilion stands out from the rest. Of course, it is also one of the must-see that you should include in your itinerary.

UAE’s pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai is a symbol of the country’s history of falconry and its unique spirit that has transformed small desert communities into a global hub for business and tourism. This scheme is characterized by a series of huge metal-clad roof forms that open directly onto the outside air on one pivot. A LEED Platinum building with 15,000m2 of exhibition space, an auditorium, a cafeteria and VIP areas at the heart of the Expo’s exhibition area is a major focal point of the event.

03. Republic of South Korea Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

A collection of over 1500 colorful spinning cubes can be seen in the Mobility district at night. The cubes are sure to catch your eye. In the exhibition, you are invited to wander the narrow corridors/balconies and watch a Korean short film while lying on the massive pillow. Hyper-connected society is at the heart of the whole exhibition, which explores the possibilities for future mobility.

In the South Korean pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, children are playing traditional games popularized in the Netflix series “Squid Game” but without the fatal consequences. A hard candy is cut into different shapes each day by participants who play Dalgona, a game where they try to cut it into a variety of shapes. South Korean snacks are awarded to winners and losers alike. They also play “Ddakji,” which involves flipping an envelope-shaped paper. As well as that, they do not get slapped if they lose. Netflix’s “Squid Game” is a harrowing drama about desperate adults escaping severe debt by playing deadly children’s games. After becoming Netflix’s most watched series in September, the show has captivated global audiences.

04. Pakistan Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

The Pakistan pavilion was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Pakistan also has one of the most visited pavilions. Its colorful exterior attracts attention immediately and invites you inside. It struck us how undersold this country is as a tourism destination after visiting the exhibition. Having a large number of Pakistani expats living in the UAE, we rarely hear about the rich and vibrant culture and history of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s pavilion has drawn a great deal of interest from the moment it opened, much to the delight of the organisers. Rashid Rana, one of Pakistan’s most prominent visual artists, is the brains behind the game-changing design of the façade that has wowed visitors and Expo organizers alike.

Exhibiting the beauty of Pakistan at Expo 2020 was a great success for Pakistan. Pakistan’s multicultural diversity and remarkable nature will be revealed to you in this multistorey pavilion. This is a unique destination you shouldn’t miss!

05. United Kingdom PavilionExpo 2020 Dubai

Among the best-designed and most impressive structures, we have seen is the cone-shaped cross-laminated timber pavilion of the United Kingdom. This pavilion’s presentation is also imaginative. An AI-generated poem is displayed on the building’s facade as LED-illuminated blocks of words. Words entered by visitors make up the poem. Its twenty-meter diameter façade is illuminated by an advanced machine learning algorithm that generates a cumulative collective poem.

06. Saudi Arabia Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

Saudi Arabia is another country whose tourism is still in its early stages. Despite being closed for many years, we had no idea what treasures are hidden within this secretive Middle Eastern country. There are 8000 LED lights that illuminate into different patterns across the Saudi Arabia pavilion’s exterior, which is the largest in the world. The mirror reflects the patterns. It is quite impressive to see the reflections in the mirror after dusk.

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion is known as “the window to the world,” inviting visitors to learn about the country’s rich history, natural wonders, and promising future. Saudi Arabia does indeed have limitless ambitions, and the building does appear to reach for the sky from the outside. There are a number of large installations inside the exhibition hall. This huge curved LED screen showcased differen18t parts of the country and would be a favorite part for anyone.

It is the second largest pavilion, after the UAE pavilion, and occupies an area of two football fields.

07. Russia Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

The multicolored dome-shaped Russian pavilion is one of the pavilions that cannot be missed. From our vantage point, it looks as if it’s going around in a rainbow. It has been said by the architect that the two hemispheres of the building represent the planet Russia (ironic, but Russia is a different kind of planet). Additionally, one dome sits inside the other because it represents, as you might guess, the traditional Russian Matryoshka doll (a chubby wooden toy that comes in several different sizes, yet looks identical, plus it can be put inside other toy dolls).

Even so, the building looks very dynamic and cheerful. As such, it represents continuous movement and progress. As the lights come on at night, the building appears to spin. Aluminum tubes, bent into the shape of the pavilion’s body, make up the pavilion’s structure. 46 kilometres of thread have been used! In order to prevent aluminum from burning in the sun, the six-color paint is added afterward! Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the exhibit is extremely educational and focuses on the human brain. There is an interactive exposition that will explain everything you need to know about how our brains work, even if you missed biology class at school.

08. Jamaica Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

With chilled reggae tunes, you are welcomed by the bright-colored Jamaican pavilion. As far as Expo 2020 expositions go, it’s probably the coolest of the bunch. Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” is sure to be played, as well as other beautiful reggae songs. It won’t be long before you are immersed in Caribbean vibes as the music sets the mood. It follows, then, that the pavilion’s theme is “Moving and connecting the world”. This certainly is the case.

These shipping containers are painted in vibrant yellow, green, and red colors. Interior spaces are created with a funky streety feel by cleverly using those elements. The exposition is a chance to meet some of Jamaica’s top musicians, sportsmen, and heroes of history. You can also listen to Caribbean music and drink Jamaican coffee (ask if condensed milk is included- that’s how Jamaicans like it).

A pavilion with a strong representation of the country’s culture, despite its small size, is definitely one of the most distinctive ones.

09. Switzerland Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

Presentation-wise, Switzerland is up there with the best. Views from a distance reveal a large white cross on a red backdrop above the reflective façade of the pavilion. Each guest is given a red umbrella with a white logotype and letter at the entrance. While passing through the huge rectangular red carpet, visitors’ reflections seem to resemble a sea of umbrellas in the enormous mirror above.

This exhibition is aimed at showcasing the beauty, inventiveness, and openness of the country’s landscapes. A guest has to walk through fog in one of the rooms that gives the feeling of walking through the misty Swiss Alps.

10. Alif pavilion , Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 is hosting 3 main pavilions, including the Alif mobility pavilion. Besides introducing important mobility discoveries made in the Arab World, it also introduces future inventions. We are exploring the future of travel through smart cities, innovation, and travel to space, starting from the past and working our way forward. An architecture with ribbed and curved outlines conveys a sense of movement. Stainless steel propellers look like giant aircraft propellers to us. When the façade of the pavilion is illuminated at night, its beauty increases dramatically. Overall, the entire exposition is very inspiring and interesting. This video begins with a woman sitting in a circle room that actually is a giant elevator. Visitors are transported to higher floors via this elevator.

You then travel through time in a time machine. The first step would be to learn more about the greatest explorers in human history. The 9-meter-tall statues are photorealistic sculptures. Just looking at them will leave you speechless. Having gigantic sizes, they represent the greatest minds in history. Prior to the invention of Google maps and GPS, those guys had figured out how to navigate the world using what the universe provided. The discoveries they made certainly contributed to the advancement of today’s technology. The episode goes on to explore smart cities, innovations, and artificial intelligence. Taking a selfie in cosmonaut costume is a great way to finish your journey to space.

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