UAE: Rent an apartment in Sharjah for Dh9,000 per year

As compared to the same period last year, Sharjah’s residential rents dropped by eight to nine percent in the second quarter. Sharjah is also the most affordable and tenant-friendly emirate in the UAE thanks to its abundant supply of residential apartments. Asteco’s latest report shows that Al Butina in Sharjah is one of the most inexpensive areas to rent an apartment as a studio costs just Dh9,000 a year, followed by Rolla and Al Yarmook where tenants pay Dh10,000 for an apartment.

The following is a list of the starting apartment rental rates by Asteco in different areas of Sharjah:


>> Dh9,000 in Al Butina

>> Dh10,000 in Al Yarmook

>> Dh10,000 in Rolla

>> Dh11,000 in Al Qasimiah

>> Dh12,000 in Al Nahda

>> Dh12,000 in Abu Shagara

>> Dh13,000 in Al Majaz

>> Dh13,000 in Al Wahda

>> Dh13,000 in Corniche

>> Dh14,000 in Al Khan (Al Mamzar)


>> Dh12,000 in Al Butina

>> Dh13,000 in Rolla

>> Dh13,500 in Al Qasimiah

>> Dh14,000 in Al Yarmook

>> Dh15,000 in Al Nahda

>> Dh15,000 in Abu Shagara

>> Dh16,000 in Al Wahda

>> Dh18,000 in Al Majaz

>> Dh19,000 in Al Khan (Al Mamzar)

>> Dh22,000 in Corniche


>> Dh15,000 in Al Butina

>> Dh15,000 in Al Yarmook

>> Dh16,000 in Rolla

>> Dh16,000 in Al Qasimiah

>> Dh18,000 in Al Nahda

>> Dh20,000 in Abu Shagara

>> Dh22,000 in Al Wahda

>> Dh22,000 in Al Majaz

>> Dh25,000 in Corniche

>> Dh25,000 in Al Khan (Al Mamzar)


>> Dh28,000 in Al Butina

>> Dh28,000 in Rolla

>> Dh28,000 in Al Yarmook

>> Dh28,000 in Al Wahda

>> Dh29,000 in Al Majaz

>> Dh30,000 in Al Qasimiah

>> Dh30,000 in Abu Shagara

>> Dh32,000 in Al Nahda

>> Dh35,000 in Corniche

>> Dh36,000 in Al Khan (Al Mamzar)

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