2nd December Street Dubai

2nd December street was firstly known as Al Dhiyafa street; it is a buzzy busy street of Satwa. 2nd December name looks odd in some ways but it is a busy street with recently equipped with various art by international and local artists. This street is still known by its old name by some of the cab drivers and old residential of Dubai.

2nd December street was named from Al Dhiyafa street on the 40th National day to mark the celebration in 2011. The Union House where deceleration of the Federation was get signed on 2nd December 1971, is located at the end of the road in the middle of coastline and this street.

There are few streets linked to 2nd December street where you can experience the community life of Dubai. This street is quite serious and impressive one from the community of ballers, meet to shoot hoops most nights on free areas next to the Chelsea Plaza till the traffic areas on the hubbub of dinners presenting with cheesy pastries outside the Al Mallah.

Shopping area:

There is a shopping area too in 2n December street where you may find fancy dresses on some shops such as Mr Ben’s Costume shop and the best thing here you can find good discounts on almost all of the big brands even inside the Ghazal mall. There is sportswear shop as well where you can get any type of sportswear.

Just get down 2nd December street down to Satwa road you will find the best fabric stores and tailors from different parts of the world with best of their tailoring art. So 2nd December street’s tour will be fun and beneficial too for you in this sense.

You will not find only the material of textiles but you will find home décor material as well to decorate your homes in Arabic traditional way and you can find the stuff of latest fashion in home décor there too. Al Habiba street is famous in providing best varieties in the region.

What is available in food?

Whenever you are visiting some place you always think about this point, either food will be available around this place or not and if you are with your family and kids you might need some area with differed facilities around especially the food.

There you can find different choices in food if you love to eat local food of Arbs you can visit Dune Center as they have huge variety with reasonable prices. You would love to eat there Arabs traditional food in their typical seating style. But there is one mor e option in this choice which we mentioned above Al Mallah there too you can get Arabic cuisines.

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You can find western style food or anything of your taste there on different restaurants or easting spots in the street and inside the Chelsea Plaza hotel as well. You can visit Legends sports bar in this plaza to enjoy the drinks with very friendly atmosphere plus pool tables live football and the rock night’s performances.

Karak chaiy offered by the Koiuth Al shay café that would give you feeling of soulful peace and taste only in 1 AED. This is the suitable spot to stop here and enjoy the cup of karak tea with your friends and you can enjoy burger or sandwich with the tea too.

The Best food of Al Mallah (2nd December street):

There are two big cone-shaped meat beasts when you will stroll down to the street that can please your eyes. Their chefs are speedy cutting the chicken slices from the grilled chicken for the Showarma. They serve the delicious showarma of the town with crunchy bread salty and sour pickles and a lot of tasty stuff fin it. They served garlic paste along this showarma which tastes delicious.

2nd December street marked its presence in Dubia’s liveliest walking line after dark with a lot of good pickings such street-food. There showarma, noodles bowl or just follow your smell senses to check out the delicious foods all over the street. If you enjoy night life you must visit this street about 7pm and enjoy the best street food offered there.

Artist’s creations:

You will be amazed by seeing different artist’s creations on the buildings of this street all around and every painting or creation is telling different story according to your mind and thoughts. If you are an Art lover so the 2nd December street will be the best choice for you to explore about different techniques of art through vast variety of paintings and pictures placed on the buildings of the street.

This street is actually known by its second name which is Dubai Street museum and it is home to one of its type murals with filled by world class talents and their dedication towards art. It is also considered one of Dubai’s ancient and most vital street.

How to get there:

You can get there by metro or private car or cab. If you want to use bud there are many nearby tops so you may travel in Bus # 10, 27, X28 and c15. and on metro M1.

Nearby stops are Satwa roundabout 01, Al Jafiyia seaside metro bus top 1, Satwa roundabout 02.



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