Abu Dhabi Police: Crowding at accident site will result in a fine of Dh1,000

You can also face fines and jail time for taking pictures of accident sites

Whenever you see an accident taking place in Dubai, notify the authorities on 999. Also, refrain from crowding the area or parking in inappropriate locations. As a result, police, and ambulances cannot reach accident sites if there are crowds around.

Crowding at accident sites is dangerous, as it delays ambulances, emergency vehicles, traffic patrols, and civil defence from reaching injured people and saving lives as quickly as possible.

Authorities noted that pedestrians might attempt to cross roads oblivious to traffic, thereby increasing the risk of run-over accidents. Likewise, motorists might get out of their cars to stand near the accident scene.

Using excessive crowds at accident sites result in a fine of Dh1,000, according to the Abu Dhabi Police.

People are warned against crowding at accident sites, but they are also reminded that filming traffic accidents is a crime, according to Article 197 (bis 2) of the Penal Code, which punishes anyone who uses a means of communication or information to spread fake news.

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