Afghanistan pavilion is open for visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai, rare artefacts are on display

For the first week of the fair, the pavilion was closed

In a move that follows a week of remaining closed, the Afghanistan pavilion has opened for visitors. The pavilion is home to part of the rare collection of Vienna-based collector, Omar Rahemi. The Afghan-born Rahemi emphasizes that the pavilion represents the people of that country, and does not boast a flag representing it.

A businessman in his fourth generation of antique and artefacts sales described the pavilion as the people’s pavilion. With regimes coming and going, Afghanistan remains Afghanistan. The land remains the same. So do its people,” he said. An oversized locket encasing a Holy Quran and a huge neckpiece with gold and silver decorations are among the exhibit’s rare pieces. It is adorned with a bridal crown decorated with green and blue enamel work, and the Dashtshui is an ornate brass water basin decorated with turquoise, coral, and lapis lazuli stones.

At the pavilion, which is located in the Sustainable Development district, you can also see masks, carpets, precious stones, and saffron from all regions of Afghanistan.

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