Al Mamzar Beach Park-Dubai – Is BBQ allowed in Mamzar Park?

Al Mamzar Beach park is also one of Dubai’s best attractions. Al mamzar park covers an area of 106 hectares close to Mamzar Beach near port Hamriya and Deira Dubai. Mamzar beach consists of five separate beaches all around the park. This huge place is filled with family friendly facilities and fun activities.


Al Mamzar Beach park is located in Al Mamzar residential zone to the north of port Al Hamriya. It rests along the Sharjah border and Al Mamzar beach on Dubai.

Brief introduction:

Al Mamzar park was unveiled in 1994 and now it’s among the best parks of Dubai with local touch where you can plan a picnic with your family, holiday with your friends and much more.

Al Mamzar park is full of entertainments to keep all of the visitors of different ages busy, happy and more than satisfied. People who are visiting there are taking advantage of this clean and huge park fir their barbeque parties and birthday parties. Here are changing rooms facility, beautiful grassy areas, pools and beaches with clean water. These all facilities are monitored by guards appointed there.

Interesting things to do in Al Mamzar park:

Al Mamzar park which is spread over 106 hectares with five beaches in it, is an ideal for snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing. The park is perfect place for barbeques, picnic, with multiple playgrounds, three pools and lush palm trees which enhance the beauty and peace of the park. In short Al Mamzar Beach park is the most suitable destination for weekend entertainments and holiday day out.

You may find plenty of entertainment activities on these beaches situated in Al Mamzar such as umbrellas, Sun loungers, jet skis that are available for hiring. You can enjoy skating, cycling and various ball games there whatever suits on your mood or choice.

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You can park yourself by the Lagoon and if you are interested to take a tour of park from all around then onboard the park’s train. The train ride will be exciting for you and your kids as well because it takes you around the whole park’s area. The park also has a musical Amphitheatre where different performances happen time to time.

Visitors has the choice to reach this beach from different entrances. The pools available in the park is divided into three areas for adults separate and for kids separate. You will find many in-house facilities up to your choice that are; swimming, skateboard, volleyball ground, children play areas, grocery stores, restaurants, rental chalets and much more.

Beaches of Al Mamzar park:

There are five beaches in the park that are;

Marjan Beach, Dana Beach, Nouras Beach, Famingo Beach and Sadaf Beach.

Fun things to do there:

Al Mamzar beach park is a place to many designated play areas and a lot more stuff mentioned above so indeed it is a perfect spot for the people who are fed up with routine monotony life. Just go through the activities of Al Mamzar Park;


You can have yourself up on the beach and entertain with the panoramic scenes of the park while eating your favorite snacks. Don’t worry about the things if you are not interested to make food form home and bring you can buy stuff from the park as many kiosks dotted around there. You can buy ice creams, tea, fries, soft drinks and much more to enjoy your picnic in the park. You can find a cafeteria just after entering in the park where you can buy French fries and burgers with delicious taste.


Barbeque is the best option to enjoy in the park with your family and friends in a good weather. Grab a stand near the Beach in the park and cook your stuffed chicken, fish or anything you desire and enjoy with beautiful scenes. There are total 28 spots for barbeque in park where you can make irresistible meal for yourself and your family.

Fun on Beach:

They have various beaches for you to enjoy and where you can dip inside and enjoy the atmosphere and experience the sea bathing. One more thing to enjoy on the beach is to take out your favorite book and read in this calming atmosphere. Put on your sun screen and sit on the beach and feel the calming sound of waves.

Water sports:

You can enjoy different water sports in Al Mamzar Beach like jet skiing, snorkeling and swimming in pool where you can have a lot of fun with your children. If you are interested in water sports specially in snorkeling just take the equipment with you and enjoy the mesmerizing marine ecosystem. If you are seeking more adventure so you can have jet ski ride there at 69 AED.

Scenic Train Tour:

The train tour is also a good fun activity in the park, after the long tiring day in park you can take a train tour and enjoy the surroundings of the park. You will explore the green grass, food kiosks, kid’s playgrounds, sheltered beaches and much more in the park and on beach. This thrilling ride is a big piece of enjoyment with all the people looking for some fun. Train ride cost is 2AED per person.

Bicycle Ride:

You can take a bicycle on rent for 20 AED to 30 AED per hour and can take a round of the park. You will see 8m high tower in the center of the park, snack spots, modern bungalows, shades and many things around.

Entrance fee:

The entrance fee of Al Mamzar park is 5AED per person and 30 AED per car. Entrance fee for the swimming pool is 10 AED for adults and 5AED for kids. Children below 2 years and handicap are free to enter. Chalet rental fees AED 200 per day for 12 persons and for 8 persons for 150 AED.


From Sunday to Wednesday the park timings are from 8am to 10 pm. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the park is open from 9am to 11 pm.  Ladies days are Mondays and Wednesdays and the boys till age of 6 are allowed in these two days.


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