Alserkal Avenue

Al Serkal Avenue is a combination of an industrial area which is having warehouses in this industrial zone in Al Quoz, in Dubai. It was established in 2008 by Alserkal. The Alserkal avenue is one of the highlighted area of Dubai that is known for art and cultural district with a huge number of galleries, platforms and facilities. The Alserkal avenue hosts residencies for local and international artists both.

Concrete Alserkal Avenue:

AlSerkal avenue inaugurated Concrete Alserkal Avenue in 2017 which is the new area in the Avenue and it is the first project that is completed in UAE by the (OMA)Office of Metropolitan Architecture, it is founded by Pritzker Architecture.

Here is some technical information about concrete Alserkal avenue. The Award status and cycle for Concrete Alserkal Avenue is shortlisted during 2017-19. Thee Avenue is a former cultural area in Dubai and has been transformed into a main hub of culture in Dubai.

This project took for current warehouses and redefined them to make Concrete, an adjustable, multiuse area for artists and the cultural programs in the middle of the complex. In process of expanding the area for events, the services were combined at one corner of building.

The main entrance and event area with a floorplan having four-meter-high sliding and rotating walls, that are near to the yard, the main outdoor public area of the district. The front area of the avenue has large translucent doors which are opening into the yard, and creating a symbolic relation between indoor and outdoor, it’s also allowing activities to drift between both spaces.

History of the Avenue:

AlSerkal is actually an industrial area with 39 warehouses in it, this district progressed naturally when the first gallery name ‘Ayyam Gallery’ moved into it in 2008. After that the original district was converted into the art galleries, designing studios, persona museum and performing arts place.

When the most famous art gallery of the region name Carbon 12 Dubai, moved into the Alserkal Avenue the other famous and good art galleries also moved there. So the industrial complex progressed a main hub of artistic activity.

Now the AlSerkal avenue is a mixture of industrial businesses and creativity areas. There are now almost 60 arts, design and creative spots among private collections, society projects and different foundations are there. This Avenue is a home to almost 25 modern art galleries and spaces in one block with highest concertation of whole art galleries in one and only region.

The art galleries in the avenue are hosting different exhibitions, discussions of panels, young person auctions, community programs and talks and established new artists and their career.

The developer of this area is Abdelmonem bin Eisa Alserkal announced in 2012 March to double the size of this avenue of art, by adding 62 spots of different sizes with 39 existing spots, they also announced to add more parking area and events center by giving this district full area of 92,000sqm. This expansion was completed by 2015 by expanding Alserkal avenue square footage to about 500,000.


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In 2015 they also announce to offer supporting arm to the local talents as well as focusing on the artists from North Africa, Middle east and South Asia. There two famous art galleries participated also in Art Basel for the first time in the history of the country, their names are Green Art gallery and gallery Isabelle van den Eynde.

Inside the Alserkal Avenue: AlSerkal avenue is a central Hub of sharp art events, endless concepts and huge creative galleries. Some of the specifications of the AlSerkal avenue are mentioning below so it will be helpful for you to choose your way if you are an artist.

Amazing local artists:

  • Alserkal avenue now entertain more than 40 concepts among these 20 are permanent art areas such as OMA by world famous architect.
  • There are different types of art galleries that shows variety of concepts through their art work for example first art Syrian gallery which shows their art through topic of war and infinity.
  • Private European and American works from 60s to 90s can be seen in art galleries of this avenue. On other hand in some galleries you may see the modern art and emerging artists from turkey, Middle east and south Asia through their art work.
  • There are some regional galleries as well where you can see Middle eastern art that also participating on international level as well

Shopping spaces:

  • You can see Fashion and designs throughout the avenue with the help of different art works on them. For example, you can find latest design with art work on Abayas in kimono style on Chi-KA.
  • You can find many shops out there with a lot of fashionable, modern art and latest styles of abayas, dresses, jewelries and home décor stuff.

Cafes and dining concept:

  • There are several restaurants that belongs to the Alserkal avenue throughout the year.
  • Some galleries also offer permanent linked café and innovative space, juice corners, health snack bars. They are offering the visitors plant base breakfast, variety in lunch with detox juices with charcoal touch.
  • There are many linked restaurants or food points that will offer you different salads with artistic touch of music. Some of them provides variety of chocolates.

Artistic discussion:

The main aim of the avenue is to provide opportunity to the artistic mind people, where they can discuss about art on regional level or international level and find about the artistic neighborhood. Their bold public art expressed the street artists and designers all together in creative tone once you enter into the main area of the avenue.

There are always some events on the list in Alserkal avenue to be happen throughout the year. Along these events there are many workshops every week. These workshops are based on various concepts of learning art such as drawing basics, breathing exercises and meditation techniques, running exercises, social Saturdays are also organized in the avenue.

Above mentioned all events and workshops are organized daily wise according to the age of people and their price packages are also different which you can come to know once you visit there. AlSerkal is the best place to visit for those who are more interested in art and they love to see everything around them in artistic touch either it is the thing to wear, eat, décor or anything.

Opening hours:

Saturday – Thursday 10 am to 7pm.

How to go there:

You can choose any thing to go there but if you want to travel by metro you must know that Noor bank Dubai Metro is only 19 min away from the avenue and First gulf bank Dubai metro is almost 32 min so you will take taxi from that metro station till the Alserkal avenue. The third option is to take rental car or taxi to reach there.

Bookings: You can book in advance your tour from any tour provider company so it will be easy for you to reach out there and to know about the avenue in detail as well. It is recommended to book the tour ahead of time to save your spot. And if you want to cancel your booking you can do so but before 24 hours of the tour startup time.


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