‘Assassination’ Attempt On Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has been shot in the leg in what his supporters say was an assassination attempt.

A gunman reportedly opened fire while Mr Khan was giving a speech to supporters at a rally in Wazirabad.

Sky’s Cordelia Lynch, who was at the scene, said a Sky News producer was standing close to Mr Khan and saw the moment the politician was shot.

Mr Khan was rushed away from the scene and his supporters said he had survived the assassination attempt.

The former cricketer – who has been pushing for new elections after being ousted from power in April – has been delivering fiery speeches at gatherings across the country.

He was six days into a march from Lahore to Islamabad in his drive to bring early elections to the country, pushing for radical change, when the shooting took place.

Large crowds had gathered to hear him speak – and Lynch said she had just interviewed him at the scene about threats of violence during which he described the march as a “peaceful” protest – when there was a sudden “commotion”.

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