Austria Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Austria pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is a calm environment to evoke creative solutions. This will be a creative, resourceful, inspiring resources and solutions from the country in this dedicated exhibition area.

Austria is a walled East Alpine country situated in southern part of Europe (central). Austria is well known for its castles, adorable buildings, palaces, in other architectural work. Austria is a comparatively expensive country than other United states where restaurant’s prices can be higher to afford.

Austrians are very open to the diverse culture, languages, religions. Most Austrians are multi lingual, they speak Turkish, Italian, Serbian or English depends on the region they live but German is the official language of Austria. Austria is the most tourist friendly country which has ratio of 28 million tourists throughout the year, it has a blooming tourism industry.

Features of Austria’s pavilion

  • A great journey for all types of sense
  • To learn the ingenious initiatives and impactful solutions
  • To experience the Austrian delicacies at Vienna coffee shop
  • An inspiring journey along spectacular dimensional sequences
  • To bring together sensory and digital journey in a harmonious structure.
  • Learn that why UN lists institutions as an intangible cultural heritance.

Opportunity District

The area of Austria pavilion ‘s exhibition is located between China and Swiss pavilions within the Opportunity District, which will be motive on unlocking the energy or devotion within every individual and societies to shape their future. Austrian pavilion will keep focusing on a framework of creations and innovations whereas a big amount of information’s misleads people and their thoughts for complex issues.

Karl said the extensive activities are decided to further deepen the mutual relations between Austria and UAE, as well as the whole region, including that the UAE is Austria’s most important economic companion in the region.


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Theme of the pavilion ‘Austria makes senses’

The theme chosen for the Austria pavilion is ‘Austria makes senses’ which will be a walk through splendid spatial sequences and reinforced the senses as the discovery that how east meets the west, how a tradition leads nations closer, and how the technology makes for the future the better opportunities.

This pavilion will highlight some country’s quick facts like Austria and The UAE are almost the same size in regards of population and area too. The theme of the pavilion will focus on various questions of how materials or available resources can use more effectively and carefully in the future time.

The Austrian pavilion is competing with other 190 participating country’s pavilion. The Austrian pavilion is given fund by Federal Ministry for Economic and Digital affairs and the Economic chamber of Austrian Federal.

Architecture/ Design

(Viennese architecture company Querkraft)

WME Global are being chosen as engineering consultants for Austrian pavilion of 2020. They are providing the building services, AV/IT engineering services, adding sustainable design and structure. They are also acting like architects and engineers of sport.

The Viennese architecture company Querkraft are held responsible for all the designing of the pavilion. The design joints traditional building resources with modern techniques to showcase Austria as a center of innovation.

Mr. Beatrix Karl (former Federal Minister) is appointed to represent the Austria’s pavilion externally. In a European statement 38 interlocking cones will merge on a 2,400 sq. area to form a melodious structure. These cones are among 6 and 15 meters high, cut off from the top and covered with clay.

A grid of curtail cones will unlock to make patterns of light and shadow. The cone forms will attentively have engineered to call the visitor to rest and observe the exhibition around. Using the world’s ancient building material and a smart ventilation idea with wind towers, the pavilion will naturally supply a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

An innovation lab which is called iLab will host various lectures, temporary expositions and inside exhibitions during global events of the pavilion will take audience on a journey of discovery.

Visitors expectations

  • Take visitors to an impressive journey via spectacular dimensional sequences.
  • Bringing sensory and digital experiences together in a melodious structure.
  • Enjoy coffeehouse from Austria’s tradition.
  • Experience a building of old design with smart and latest technologies.


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