Azerbaijan Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Azerbaijan pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is a pavilian  that enliven by nature, committed to the future of humankind. The pavilion’s main focal point is on the environment which will reflect in its ‘mean, green, lean and design too’

The pavilion is inspired by nature, it has a leaf shape roof and It will encourage visitors to think the impact of their separately choices and subsidize in the future now to resave balance to the natural world.

Azerbaijan is the nation and former republic of soviet, is bordered by Caspian Sea and Caucasus hills, that span in Asia and Europe. Azerbaijan is known as a land of Fire! This natural fire name as Yanar Dag and it has been blazing for at least 65 years in a mountain.

The Capital of the country is an ancient city of Baku, that has the largest harbor on the Caspian Sea.

Features of Azerbaijan pavilion

  • To experience 1,300 sq. of gardens and galleries.
  • To enjoy an air buffer to cool high temperatures.
  • To experience solar power, natural external respiration and rainwater reaping technology.
  • To reflect on major issues connected to sustainable achievement and development.

Sustainability District

The Azerbaijan is located in Sustainability District giving a message to the visitors that they can invest in their future development and can change their future into a successful way wherever they are working.

Theme of the pavilion ‘Seeds for the future’

The theme chosen for the Azerbaijan’s pavilion is ‘Seeds for the Future’ giving the message that it is only by subsidizing in future- today- so people can truly get sustainable development and develop the places in which they are living and working.

This pavilion will be a nature inspired pavilion which will highlight the significance of investing in the future as soon as possible and achieve development in sustainability which improves the places where we live and work.

The theme of the pavilion is also affecting the value of humanity and it is very closely connected with the main theme of the Expo 2020 ‘Connecting Minds and creating the future’


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Architecture ‘Simmetrico’

Azerbaijan expose their Expo 2020 pavilion’s design which is inspired by two natural elements; the tree and leaf. The pavilion will spread across an area of 2,086m2, with the design supported by Heydar Aliyev Center.

The design is inspired from trees and various leaves are goaled at mirroring issues linked to sustainable development. Director of Heydar Aliyev Center and executive director of Dubai Bureau, revealed the design of the pavilion. The Italian company Simmetrico is the designer of the Azerbaijan’s pavilion. The project is inspired by Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, which has a conference hall or auditorium, a gallery and a big museum.

This 2,086sq.m area is distributed into a shade area, an underground stop balcony with stage and tribune, and many gardens and walking paths. The pavilion has three levels with an exhibition area with 550sq.m, five thematic groups will expose to the public using multimedia and interlinked stations.


The set under the roof resembles to giant leaf will encourage you to give your best in creating a good sustainable future through this theme. The 30 cm air cushion will act as an additional fence against high temperatures. Big windows absorb 58% of solar raises, while ensuring a big amount of light inside the pavilion.

Seven pomegranate and fifteen olive trees are expected to plant in the plot, the former idolize the prosperity and peace, wisdom and justice. This means that the use of fortify concrete is very less in quantity; which will only be use for the retaining walls of unearthing and foundation base.

The Azerbaijan’s pavilion is designed to redeploy and reuse 75 percent of the construction materials.

Visitors experience

  • Visitors will be aware of the impact of their power to have an influence on the environment and on social ecosystems.
  • The pavilion will light-fill, crystal clear and welcoming, life full events and opportunities to get together same like the country.
  • Visitors can reflect on their major issues regarding sustainable development of themselves.
  • In spite of diverse food selections, interesting programs and grand events visitors should not miss the great nature inspired pavilion of Azerbaijan.



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