Belarus Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Belarus pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is an experience of forest which will highlight the lessons that Human being can learn from the world. It is a pavilion with whom we can discover how technology and Universe can help us in growing together.

Belarus pavilion will spotlight its high level creations, sustainability inventiveness and good opportunities to invest. The pavilion is actually inspired by lush green forest sand great natural resources and aspects of the related country.

Belarus is officially the Republic of Belarus; it is formerly known because of its Russian name Byelorussia. It is an enclosed country in Eastern Europe surrounded by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The Belgium’s capital and populous country is Minsk.

Belarus is commonly a safe place for tourists, Violent crimes for travelers are very rare. Belarus is famous for the beautiful nature, it is mostly referring as a land of beautiful lakes, original forests and unique capacious of plants. It has good reputation in science and IT excellence.

Important Features of Belarus Pavilion

  • A gift shop selling Belarusian stock and souvenirs.
  • Many live performances by traditional folk and dance groups.
  • A collective ‘Tree of Mind’ insertion
  • To explore the themes of creation, investment and innovation.
  • To recreate the look and feel of the country’s ancient forests.


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Theme ‘Forest of Future Technology’

The Belarus pavilion’s theme is Forest of future technology is inspired by green forests and rich natural aspects of Belarus. It shares the idea that nature and latest technology can work together, complement to one another and make a sustainable, creative future.

In line with this trust of that minds, combine together like trees in a forest, are applicable to successfully face any summons, ‘Forest of Future technology’ will represent innovative solutions to global issues, new ideas of individual appearances and ways of incorporated and international missions.

The Belarus pavilion will bring the concept of the vision, feel and smell of the ancient forests of Belarus to the UAE. The green shoots will light up the main entrance of the pavilion and the full structure will elaborate what expo defined as a self-supporting living organism.

Opportunity District

The Belarus pavilion is located in Opportunity district at Expo 2020, It is a three storey pavilion with 140 square-meter floor area. The pavilion and its interior design are prominent and noticeable. The Belarus pavilion is quite a large and suspicious facility with huge room for the great numbers of exhibits that can explain a lot about Belarus.

Architect/Design (NUSSLI)

The Belarusian Pavilion escorts the look of its ancient forests to Dubai. Straight from the entrance, green structure idealizes the lush tress that guide and instruct visitors on their way via whole pavilion, impressed by its own wealth of original resources, the exhibition illustrates how they can make new opportunities in the future through combine growth and attempts.

The Belarus pavilion’s will showcase the idea that trees of a forest can grow stronger and can be long lasting if they stand together and anything can possible if minds connect is the same manner.

Forest of future technology is the main message if the Belarus pavilion, which will add the presentation of ‘creative and innovative solutions of global issues’ as well as ‘new ways to independently expression and new ideas for collaborative assignment.


According to a statement by Embassy of Belarus UAE, Belarus was the first country to choose a national pavilion site at Expo 2020 Dubai and It was from the first states to sign the agreement of participation.

NUSSLI architects planned the Belarus pavilion’s appearance at Expo 2020 in Dubai, on behalf of Belarus Ministry of Foreign affairs. The planning, construction and disassembling of the whole pavilion are part of NUSSLI’s delegation as general contractor.

Construction of the pavilion is expected to complete in a year, and pavilion will be ready to start on October 2020. The pavilion is divided into three section; One will dedicate to innovations, developments and technologies of Belarus. Second section will focus on Investment opportunities and third section will welcome people to come up with innovations and will take benefits from them.

Expo 2020 Dubai is a great opportunity where 191 nations will share their future together as well as encourage visitors to connect their minds for the greater and brilliant future ahead so that is expected from The Belarus pavilion as well.


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