Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai is the first themed park who dedicated everything in it, to Bollywood. Everything inside this park either it is related to comedy, romance, action emotion or any sort of Bollywood style is very much similar to Bollywood industry or you can say the replica of Bollywood.

The celebration of Mumbai’s biggest legend industry of film in This park’s 5 zones is inspired by Bollywood blockbusters, entertaining live performances, stage programs and cinematic rides is an excellent experience than any other park. This will be your first most experience to live, learn and can have experience the kaleidoscopic world of film industry, in first Bollywood themed park.

When you enter inside the park you will experience the diverse cultures and traditions from all the corners of India that are combine together there in eruption of music, colors, and dance style from Garba to tiger dance, Bhangra to Kathak and many more like these.

Bollywood parks Dubai is the famous and first park of its type in the world. Here we will mention some of the famous activities happening in this park such as movies, dance and music. It is located in Dubai parks and resorts. So be ready for the thrills and exciting entertainments with your family and friends there.

Action phase of Bollywood parks:

There are some block buster movies that are displayed on rides or different immersive attraction of the park such as Krish, Sholay, Dabang and Lagan.

You can battle the villans alongside Sholay’s heroes Jai and Veeru while hunting for Gbabar singh in a 3D laser ride. You may entertain in chasing Don Mafia boss Sharukh Khan on the streets of Dubai in exciting intense tunnel or you may participate in one sort of a match (cricket) in Lagan’s thrill of victory. You may take part in Salman khan’s Dabangg thrilling stunt show. Last but not the least if you want to taste a real cinema you should learn the tricks of shopping in Cinemagic and there you can go behind the scenes and can create your own style of trailer for Farhan Akhtar’s Zindai na milegi dobara starrer.

Bollywood Boulevard:

You can enjoy by a vibrant display of cafes, restaurants and live performances at the Bollywood theme park by enjoying different programs along the famous cafes out there.

Set look alike any Bollywood movie:

Bollywood parks has distributed the all sorts of celebration is 5 aptly zones that are named accordingly: Bollywood Boulevard- Mumbai Chowk- Rustic Ravine- Royal Plaza and Bollywood film studios, these shows the hall of heroes.

You can watch on the sets in Bollywood parks many types of Bollywood dancing styles, action, story-telling stage performances and much more such as Mughal e Azam or R.A One and Movie Krish. It is also home to a beautiful Rajmahal Theater with 856 seats that offers private events and functions.

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You cannot get bored in Bollywood parks as there is a lot more to do whole day and roundabout 20 live shows take place in one day which is quite enough to entertain with such as Mumbai Express, Crossroads, Rangmanch, Stars on Steps and Rock On!!!

Performances of Bollywood parks:

If you want to talk about Bollywood all of us know that Bollywood is not a Bollywood if there is no singing and dancing. So you can see a lot of artists participating in Bollywood parks to perform on several choreographed performances on Bollywood hit numbers. One most popular thing in this park is Antakshari game of traditional Indian style where you have to guess songs, it is much liked Indian tradition of sing song.

Except the Bollywood film industry there is one more industry of South India that paid tribute to with South ka Tadka at spot of Rangmanch, and also by celebrating Rajasthani culture and tradition by entertaining public with ‘Kalbeliya Folk dance’ at the Lotus Court.

Bollywood parks also hosts different concerts on regular basis with hit singers and musicians such as Shankar, A.R Rehman, Ehsaan and Loy, Atif Aslam and many more superstars.

Food cuisine in Bollywood parks:

You can enjoy the immersive and traditional tastes of Indian food there such as raosted peanuts, lemonade, sugar cane juice, Mughlai cuisine on Mughal e Azam restaurant. The name of Mughal e Azam restaurant took from the movie of 1960s to give it intense feel of culture of old India.

You can find quick rustic slices adding tandoori bread and typical Punjabi fare on Spicy Dhaba. On studio canteen you may find global food such as pizza, pastas, burgers and drinks. But there is on most suitable place for the street food lovers which is Victoria Station Café which offers you famous Mumbai chaat, Pani puri and other street food or food of local train.

Mumbai chowk food and fun:

You can have the vibes of Mumbai chowk in this Bollywood parks Dubai by roaming inside and getting a lot of options of Mumbai street foods, dhabas and shopping thrill and fun in the park.

You will find the magic of India’s film industry and can experience the recreation of the charming old school of Mumbai. This is the place where they try to brings to life few industry’s top blockbusters.

Besides all these above mentioned attraction of Bollywood parks you should roam around the park in detail so you can find many stuff of your interest. You may please with the infrastructure of the parks and various spots of Bollywood themed park, each and everything is perfectly relooked to set a Bollywood inspired views.

Last but not the least in this journey you can participate in the beats of parade at the Bollywood boulevard, which is depicting different troupes coming across with each other for the grand show. This grand show reflects the tradition, colors and cultural heritage of India.

Timings and duration of visit:

Your duration of visiting the Bollywood parks Dubai should be up to 8 hours as there is a lot more to entertain with. The timings of the park remain same throughout the week from 2pm to 11 pm.


Tickets costs for Bollywood parks Dubai is AED 99 for UAE residents and children under 3 years can go free. The ticket costs for nonresidents of UAE is 175 AED and children under 3years can go free.


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