Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab means Tower of Arabs. It is a well decorated luxuries and among the tallest hotels in the world. It is on the 7th number of tallest hotels and almost 39 percent of its full height is made by un-occupiable area.

Burj Al Arab is a huge beautiful hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is said that Burj Al Arab is a 7-star hotel and some said that it is a five-star hotel. It is stand on an unnatural 280 meters’ island out from Beach Jumeirah. It is linked with the mainland with a private turning bridge.

The structure of Burj Al Arab is looks iconic which imitates the sail of a ship. There is a helipad close to the roof at a height of 689ft above the ground. Burj Al Arab was named as Best hotel in the world recently by The Telegraph’s Ultra awards.

The Burj’s vision begins with its location because Hotel is built on small manmade island so if anyone wants to enter he/she should cross the guar-monitored bridge. Many people come to the Burj through Rolls-Royce or private helicopter to a private helipad.


The seaside area was before called Miami Beach, where Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach hotel are stationed now. The hotel of Burj Al Arab is located on the island of retrieve land 280 meters’ seashore of the beach of former Chicago beach hotel.

The locale’s name, originate in Chicago bridge and Iron company which was once welded huge floating oil tanker named Kazzans on the same area. The Burj Al Arab was started nearly 20 years ago and won accolade one after another for the bonkers proposal to luxury.



The Burj is designed by interdisciplinary consultancy Aktins guided by architects Tom wright, the notional design of the building was genuinely from Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott. The Burj Al Arab design is similar to a building located in Lisbon, Portugal named Vasco da gama tower.

The design and construction were organized by Canadian engineer Rick Gregory also. The construction started in 1994 and 2000 workers were involved in the peak construction. It was constructed to resemble the billowing spinnaker sail of a J class yacht. Two ‘wings’ spread in a V to form a huge mast, but the space among them is opened in an enormous atrium.

The hotel was built by a construction contractor of south Africa named Murray and Roberts but now it is known by Concor and Al Habtoor Engineering. The interior work was given by UAE based company Depa. The Helipad of hotel was designed by Irish architect named Rebecca Gernon.

Features of the Hotel

Many features of hotel required compound engineering feats to attain. The hotel depends on an artificial island built in 280 m offshore and to safe the foundation, the builders swarm 230 m long concrete piles under the sand.

The engineers of Hotel created the basic layer of large rocks, which is circled with concrete honeycomb design, that helps to protect the foundation from erosion. It took 3 years to retrieve the land from the sea, and it took almost 3 years to construct the building.

The Burj Al Arab is the world’s 5th tallest building but when building with mixed use were devastated the list, it would be the 3rd tallest hotel of the world.

The over-the-top splendor of the Burj hit when you entered the atrium of the Hotel. It is not made up of gold only though it is a lot more of that such as the dark deep color of saffron and extra marine tiles and the furniture of ornate.

The masterpiece of atrium is round fountain with a geometrical structure that come up with mimic Islamic tile art, which shoots water 130 ft into the air. Atrium is the tallest at 590 feet in the world. The kaleidoscopic colors create a trippy effect.


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Suites and Rooms inside the Hotel

The hotel is organized by the Jumeirah Group. The hotel has 28 double storey floors which gratified 202 bedroom suites. The smallest suite of the hotel has an area of 1,820 sq ft and the largest occupies 8,400 sq ft. Suites are very beautifully designed and white columns have good influence, bathrooms are underscored by mosaic tile design and patterns.

The VIP suite cost at US$24,000 per night, that listed at number 12 in world’s 15 most expensive suites fulfilled by CNN Go in 2012. The luxurious shuttle facility of the hotel by Royce and helicopter.

When you walk through the hotel you will notice that how detail everything and each part of hotel is. Every room of the hotel seems like an art piece which will tribute to the interior designer Khuan Chew, he utilized the color palate and design which heed to the Arabian Peninsula’s history.


The terrace of Burj Al Arab is a remarkable, a great restaurant, pool, beach and cabana area that offers guests and Burj Al Arab members the kind hospitality. The private 10,000 sqm outdoor luxury amusement facility stretches 100 meters out inside the sea.

It is the place to Scape Restaurants, Lounge and 2 beautiful pools, best o=for relaxing, calming down and enjoying the Arabian Sun with plush neighboring. The fresh water pools occupy 612sqm. Area with a covered swim up bar in the middle, with a perfect touch of relaxing and socializing.

There will be beach sunbeds almost 126 in numbers, 24 luxury day beds, 4 Jacuzzis and a swim up bar on Terrace of the Hotel. The Burj has nine restaurants situated throughout the property.

Facilities include different infinity pools, hot tubs and treatment rooms which overlooks the Arabian Gulf which complement the spa, with saunas, steam bathrooms and plunge pools.

Burj Al Arab offers limit less access to the various activities of water at Wild Wadi Waterpark. Which is far from the hotel only 5 minutes of walk from the island bridge. And 15 minute walk away from Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Guest Experience of Hotel

If you are a guest in the hotel the attendants will attend you so beautifully and with full of hospitality. First you will have served with Marhaba welcome, rose water, cold towels, Arabic coffee and dates. Then the attendant takes the passport to check the booking and then brings you to your booked room.

The hotel is a big tourist attraction for Dubai. When you entered in hotel you will see elevator doors are also covered with 24 karat gold and 20,000 feet sq ft of gold leaf is used to enhance the beauty of hotel’s interior.

When you will lead upstairs to your room You will see that Burj’s each floor has a double storey which means every room is a duplex suite. One of the best thing in the hotel is the team which will be available at evert floor.

Every floor has group of butlers to attend guests they will be on duty every time and for everything even the reservation of your dinner as well, they will do the paperwork for the check in and will show you the room.

There will remotes for dealing with almost everything for example television, climate control, lights etc. The bedroom of the duplex suite will be upstairs where you will find a sitting place a DUX mattress bed and a television with a huge sea view from the window.

So at the End we can say that The Burj Al Arab hotel is a beautiful hotel with perfect holiday destination where you can entertain with a lot of mesmerizing views and facilities.



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