Campout season has returned at HATTA Dubai- Explore how is it!

It will soon be cool enough in the UAE for its residents to enjoy the outdoors when the mercury drops significantly. You can’t get better enjoyment than camping under the stars.

In October 2021, Hatta Resorts and Hatta Wadi Hub will open their fourth season, which will run until April 30, 2022.
There will be 11 luxurious, bespoke caravans available at the region’s first luxury caravan park.

A deluxe interior and free WiFi are available in each caravan, as well as a television and kitchenette. The caravans are also designed to accommodate up to two adults and up to three children. The starting price of a caravan is Dh1,350 per night.

The Hatta Mountain range is clearly visible through the panoramic windows of 15 dome-shaped tents located in the space. For two adults and two children, the rooms are equipped with all the amenities.

Located in the heart of the mountains of Hatta Sedr, Hatta Damani Lodges offers picture-perfect views amid a range of spectacular accommodations.

At the main activity center, Hatta Wadi Hub, visitors can also camp under the stars. Guests can pitch their own tents in 18 different areas and set up their caravans in 10 different areas.

Authentic Emirati culture and picturesque environment can be found at Hatta Wadi Hub. The UAE is home to a number of archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, including the ancient Hatta Falaj tomb.

New thrills will be added to the hub with this addition. There will be several inflatable obstacles spanning a distance of 500 metres on the largest inflatable obstacle course in the region.

Visitors will be able to explore the mountains in comfort and style in Rovers as they traverse the rocky terrains. Mountain biking experiences are particularly tailored for those who would not normally enjoy them.

It’s not just glamping that makes Hatta a hotspot. There are dozens of activities at this Dubai escape, from ‘zorbing’ (rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball) to axe-throwing, mountain carting, and walking through the wadi on suspended wire bridges.

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