The UAE job-seeker has a new trend of listing vaccinations on a CV

Prospective candidates are not required to list their vaccination status, according to HR executives. Applicants for jobs in the UAE are voluntarily including details of their vaccination status in their resumes. Although it’s not mandatory for UAE residents to get the vaccine, both public and private sectors encourage their employees to get Covid-19 shots in … Read more

Sharjah: Schools must close if two or more students test positive for COVID

In Sharjah, private schools must temporarily close and switch to distance learning if two or more cases are detected among students or educators. Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) issued extensive guidelines on how to prevent Covid-19 from spreading during the new academic year. If students fall under high-risk categories or are vulnerable, parents must inform the school. Students who are infected must follow … Read more

This time Global Village is going to present 26 country pavilions with more than 80 cultures.

Global village Dubai 2021 is setup for season 26 on 26th October 2021 with lot of cultures and events. Global village in Dubai has confirm 26 pavilions on its 26th season. Global village is region’s leading multicultural family destination for shopping, entertainment, fun and culture. Every pavilion is subject to present his country’s culture, products … Read more

Dubai announces the third dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine for some residents

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced on Wednesday that certain residents with compromised immune systems will receive a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine. The Pfizer booster shot is recommended for: >People with a moderately or severely dormant immune system >People with an active tumor or haematological malignancy or who have recently undergone treatment for … Read more

Selfdrive launches a mobile app for smart mobility

A new app, called Selfdrive, has been released by Pinewoods Technology Services, an entity of Pinewoods. With its seamless, reliable, and convenient on-demand car rental capabilities, the app is truly making a difference in the car rental space. Through this cutting-edge mobile app, users can rent, lease or subscribe to the dealership’s fleet directly from … Read more

The following are the rules for flights to Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah for restricted countries

Now, holders of any type of visa can fly to the UAE from countries where travel had previously been restricted. UAE opened its doors to residency visa holders from restricted countries on August 5, but from August 30, it began welcoming holders of tourist visas, entry permits, and other types of e-visas. There are, however, … Read more