Top 19 Business Centers in Dubai 2022 – Serviced Office Providers

1. Impeccable Business Center Located near Dubai Mall Metro Station

An impeccable business center is equipped with high-speed internet access and well-equipped operational rooms to meet all your business-related needs. Using this business center, you can achieve your milestones in the long run by finding complete solutions to your business needs. It is also a great fortune to find such a well-equipped business center at a reasonable price in 2019.

As a result of its location near the Burj Khalifa, which is one of the most prominent buildings in Dubai and renowned throughout the world, the location is ideal. The location is also convenient to the metro station, making it even more attractive for clients.  An advantageous location makes it easier to handle a lot of business operations for a business. Additionally, this location is surrounded by a number of offices.

2. Premium Furnished and Serviced Office close to Business Bay Metro Station

The location is ideal in combination with the incredible infrastructure required for modern architecture. It is best to develop a positive work environment in well-equipped and spacious office rooms. Employee productivity is influenced by the workplace environment. The more peaceful your workspace is, where your workflows aren’t interrupted due to issues like slow internet or inadequate maintenance, the more engaged you will become. As a result, it would be an ideal business center for you and your employees to make the best of their workdays.

In terms of business to business interactions and business to customer relationships, the location plays a crucial role. In addition to ordinary people using metro stations for their day-to-day transportation, small businesses can also use the service. They would be able to reach out to you then. In any case, such a commercially stable location never fails to create a positive impression of the business in the minds of potential clients.

3. Executive business center in old town

There is everything you need, from central air conditioning to parking spaces, to ensure that all your business operations run smoothly.  This incredibly convenient location is located just two minutes walk from Emirates Metro Station, making it extremely convenient for people to get to. An ideal location would make it easy for both employees and clients to reach. Also, it has waiting areas, a reception area, conference rooms, and spacious workstations to provide you with an elegant, well-furnished and affordable business center. Having an ideal design that meets the criteria of an ideal workplace makes maintaining a positive work culture easy.

The Al-Rigga Road business center is located on that famous street in Dubai, which began as a commercial hub. It was at this location that the first Dubai mall was opened, and it has consistently prospered ever since. This area is also home to many restaurants, banks, parks, shops, and cafés because of its historical significance and metro station. As a result, this place has a higher commercial value and is more likely to be a good place to start a business due to all the factors mentioned above.

4. Ready to move-in executive offices in Business Bay

Just like Mangattan and Ginza in New York and Tokyo, Business Bay is the center of a business hub. The city has been rated as one of the top commerce hubs on an international scale. As well as Dubai’s well-known position in the business sphere, if you locate the business center in the center of the city, you have surely crossed the first hurdle to success. In order to streamline the day-to-day operations of a business, it is important to understand how important location, business center infrastructure, and operational facilities are.

Therefore, start establishing your economic breakthrough foundation. Our executive offices are equipped with all the necessary amenities including furnished offices, air conditioning, electricity, scanners, faxes, copiers, and the latest in computer technology. So tYou can continue to thrive in your respective business domains without any disruption to your workflow.

5. Flexible and adaptive office spaces

Your brand’s corporate identity plays a crucial role in the success of your business. In order to create an impression in your clients’ minds, your office location and infrastructure are crucial. You should make an impression from the exteriors and interiors of your office that you are a reputable company and that your services are worth the money you charge. The result is that fully furnished business centers are cost-effectively available in Dubai due to its ideal location from a commercial perspective.

A major plus in terms of location is Sheikh Zayed Road, which is adjacent to Dubai Mall. Alternatively, you will be provided with the necessary facilities so that you can concentrate on your core business functions. We would provide a wide range of services including Wi-Fi, parking, answering services, cleaning, and maintenance. In today’s business world, taking advantage of a fully serviced business center makes the most sense.

6. Premium Corporate Fully Serviced Business Centre in the Heart of Burj Khalifa District

Providing office space solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises that are aiming to establish new ventures, this is the best business center. Our affordable startup services include everything from secretarial services to IT and infrastructure. There are meeting rooms and utilities available in the fully serviced offices for you to use right away. Offering corporate solutions for a longer period of time, we ensure that our clients have a comfortable environment to start their business. In order to meet the unique needs and budgets of our clients, we offer a variety of packages. With the use of advanced telecommunication and information technology, we provide you with fully furnished workspaces with stylish and modern furniture. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly support team, which will make sure that your business execution is as smooth as possible.

In order to start a new business, location is always of great importance; we offer you to do so at the premier business centers in Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE. Your business community plan is benchmarked by our attractive and affordable rates.

7. Fitted Office in a prime location and professional environment

With state-of-the-art technology and IT infrastructure, the fitted office over Zabeel Road is the best option for you. There are several services provided by the hotel, including security systems, concierges, high-speed internet, SEWA, a reception area, landlines, and above all, interactive and modernized meeting rooms. You can take advantage of all these benefits at a very reasonable rate so that you can maximize your profit. Make sure your business is operating in the right business environment to achieve unparalleled success.

8. The Best Business Center Offering Office Solutions Advanced Technology And Easy Accessibility

 Entrepreneurs who are just starting out need to focus on elevating their businesses to the next level, which makes choosing a business center important. Therefore, they are always looking for a serviced business center that will not only provide them with a spacious and comfortable office in a tranquil setting, but will also prevent them from having minor maintenance issues. Take advantage of a business environment that will bring you luck and prosperity by getting into the market there.  

9. Remarkable Business center in a five star location with Sea views

With immaculately designed and incredibly constructed buildings, Sheikh Zayed Roads are one of the most popular areas in Dubai. Introducing a great business opportunity for you. Create your own 5-star office building. There are eight lanes on its wide roads that connect the city to the larger cities, making it one of the best in Dubai.  The ease of parking will also allow you and your clients to concentrate on business operations instead of parking hassle-free.

Office sizes range from 200 square feet to 2000 square feet, depending on your budget and business requirements. The packages we offer include Onsite IT support with fast speed Wi-Fi, 5 star reception services, spacious meeting rooms enriched with modern technology, free refreshments from the on-site Pantry, complimentary printing, Play stations and Pool table, mail handling, fully furnished according to your specifications, call answering services to make an impression on behalf of your business, and on-site maintenance teams to keep the office clean. We also offer amazing discounts at spas, restaurants, and hotels. This allows you to take advantage of the best facilities offered by 5-star hotels.

10. Exclusive Business Center in prime location

 Near Sharaf DG metro station and Al Barsha Pond park, famous mall with many brands and restaurants  

11. Premium Quality Business Center in Tecom, Barsha Heights

A great location in Thuraya Towers is the perfect place to launch your startup. Over 3 floors, the available space covers 26,000 square feet. Having all the necessary facilities will help you run your business smoothly on a day-to-day basis. On each floor, meeting rooms, a pantry, and an Ejari are available. In addition, CCTV cameras and fingerprint access control are also available to ensure your business’s safety and security, as per modern business center requirements.

The amenities include reception services, call answering services, water and coffee, a scanner and printer, a photocopier, 24-hour member access, free parking, and Wi-Fi. With such a low cost and numerous versatile solutions for events, meetings, and coworking, this space is perfect for running a small or medium sized business.

12. Premium Quality Offices with Great Amenities

The offices offer fantastic services at pocket-friendly rates without compromising on quality. It is possible to start your business in a location and a building that allows you to focus on the big picture while saving you energy, money, and time. Small and medium-sized businesses can set up their systems at these affordable rates.

However, this business center is highly attractive due to its location among several prominent skyscrapers. From the inside, everyone can get an idea of how amazing the place is. It is essential in business to develop such corporate identities since they directly affect client trust. In the marketplace, they would know that the company’s services are worth checking out if it is located in a central area.

The reception is open from Saturday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Members have access to the building 24/7.

13. Quality Business Center with Dubai Canal & Burj Khalif View

Business success is significantly influenced by the location of your business, since it is linked to your reputation. As famous as the Burj Khalifa is, Marasi Business Way is the perfect place for any aspiring entrepreneur or business person seeking a business center. It offers modern infrastructure and high-end technology to compete with the structure and style of contemporary offices.

There are almost 220 hotels in the area, which contributes to the location’s impressive features. Additionally, the area is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. It is for this reason that there are great homes for shopping and eating as well. The most effective decision you could make for your business would be to establish a business center at such an ideal location.

14. Business center in Sheykh Zayed road

Book the business center at a reasonable rate at the prime location of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. In addition to monthly and yearly packages, you can also select them according to your convenience. From a service perspective, the business center is equipped with amazing amenities that you’ll need to set up your office. The hotel offers free parking, spacious lots, and fully furnished rooms that meet the requirements of modern infrastructure. It is a pleasant environment to work in since the rooms are open and spacious. It is possible to maintain your physical fitness while working at tables and chairs that are comfortable. Additionally, landline facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi. It is important to focus on growing your business instead of learning about such basic facilities.

There is no doubt that it is an ideal location in terms of its location. Because of its high commercial value, it is also known as Dubai’s heart. It is surrounded by Burj Khalifa, as well as numerous restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Thus, the location is also crucial from a marketing perspective. With its high level of traffic, it will help your business get maximum exposure to a variety of potential customers.

15. UAE’s Largest Business Center with over 500 offices

Business centers which are spacious and meet modern workplace infrastructure criteria provide an environment which promotes employee engagement, teamwork, and innovation. In order to maintain an optimized workplace environment, this business center offers impeccable services. In Dubai, you will be able to unlock doors of tremendous success by being at the center.

Potential customers have many questions before they finalize a deal, and Dubai’s largest business center answers those questions. In addition, you can target the elite business class or large companies by operating a business from such a remarkable and high-tech location.

16. Luxury Office in Burj Khalifa Area with Water Canal View

Do you wish to find a workspace that seamlessly complements your new business venture? Your prospective and regular clients will immediately be impressed by the location of this prime location. An organization’s ethos can be conveyed effectively through space. Our office solutions are customizable to meet the needs of your unique business. Our goal is to provide you with a working environment that allows you to earn, grow, and work in a competent manner. Fitting, designing, furnishing, and even the paperwork necessary to meet legal obligations and sensitive issues will be handled by our dedicated team. Getting into work and starting your work would require you to leave behind all the fatigue and hassle over us.

This business center is located in the Business Bay area of Dubai, a prime location. The building consists of 22 floors with 318 offices, including two duplexes. Businesses will find it to be the most convenient and suitable choice. In addition, approximately 3030 square feet. There is also a lobby at Metropolis, which features a 54-foot high huge lounge with approximately 680 square feet of space. Your business associates will be impressed by this spacious lobby. Additionally, there is an 8500 sq.ft shopping arcade on the first floor and a coffee shop.

17. Fully Furnished Serviced Offices in DMCC

Is your startup business looking for a location? In Jumeriah Lakes Tower, we have found you an outstanding space over 150 square meters. All essential amenities would be included in the 2,500 square feet per office. Your business needs will be met with this ample space due to its modern interior layout.

Your first impression will be enduring thanks to its impressive exteriors. The facility offers a variety of amenities, such as reception services, housekeeping and call answering services, water and coffee services, printers, scanners, photocopiers, free parking, Wi-Fi and electricity (DEWA). Having all of these would provide you with an ideal business environment, allowing you to run each of your operations smoothly.

18. A fully Furnished Office in a strategic location

An organization that caters to the unique needs of your business. Different workforce numbers are accommodated through structured plans.  This space can accommodate a minimum of four people and a maximum of 15 people. Our office premises are designed exclusively to ensure your satisfaction.  Our open-plan workspaces can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a small cabin office or a large, multi-cabin office with a conference room, executive office, or separate department. Additionally, the contracts are flexible, so new entrants can get privileges and fearlessly enter the market, with hourly, monthly and yearly payments.

The importance of exposure in business cannot be overstated. Therefore, the business center overlooks Burj-al-Arab and faces Sheik Zayed Road to ensure clients’ visibility. Dubai is known for its prime locations. Having a location of such notoriety means that marketing will not be a big expense. As a result, Metro Station and other public transportation are accessible to your employees, so that if they wish to use public transportation, it would be easier for them to do so.  Our business center’s uniqueness and competitiveness is also enhanced by IBIS International Hotel, Mall of Emirates, and Al-Zahra hospital.

19. SADA Business Centers

Saudi Arabia’s SADA Business Centers were founded in 1997. With over a decade of experience serving our valued customers, we offer exclusive services. Trust, Efficiency, and Quality are the hallmarks of our business. Our team of motivated professionals is dedicated to providing you with better service every day. We strive to provide you with the best service at SADA Business Center. The founder and president of our company, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Kridis, has been our inspiration.

In addition to his dynamic leadership focus, he has also exhibited a profound vision for our company, which has earned him laurels. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing efficient, quality service.

Contact Detail:

Telephone: (+971) 4 311 3500


Location: Sada Business Center 33 Level, Al Saqr Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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