Dubai Health Overview, Services and Health Care


The United Arab Emirates has a strategic and comprehensive government-sponsored healthcare system. The desert nation also has a steadily developing private healthcare sector that offers standard care. Both Emirate and Federal levels regulate healthcare.

The healthcare in the UAE varies from one Emirate to another. However, the care that you will be given anywhere around the country is top-notch. Expats take advantage of this opportunity and receive care both at the private and public level. Treatment at public facilities is at a low cost. Sometimes it’s free, but Expats have to pay a fee.

Out of the seven Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most attractive. They are always flooded with tourists all year round. In these states, healthcare is of high-quality. Dubai, in particular, is known for its flamboyant care facilities and effective medical procedures. Many foreigners prefer dubai healthcare when seeking treatment.

The most pursued health and medical specialties are dermatology, orthopedic, and ophthalmology. Dubai is a hub for fertility, cosmetics, and dental treatments. Mostly, Private healthcare institutions outnumber government-funded facilities.

In Dubai, it’s required by the law that your organization provides health insurance for yourself and those that depend on you. Dependents entail a spouse and three kids that are under the age of 18. The health cover of a fourth child is the responsibility of the worker.

Also, it is mandatory in Dubai for firms to offer coverage for workers. This is a law recommended by the Dubai government. Whether you have a job or not, it’s recommended by the governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi that everyone has health insurance.

In 2015, fines of 136 USD were introduced for every month that a resident didn’t insure. Additionally, residency visas can’t be handed without proof of health insurance. This is not a challenge that most expats encounter.

Let’s break down the facts that you opt to know about dubai healthcare.

Medical cards

While in Dubai, you will require a UAE health card so that you access medical services in most public facilities. The DHA mostly issues the card. You can also apply for the card online or even visit the medical intuition if you find it more convenient.

Before being issued with the card, you will be required to provide a national ID or details of your passport and pay a fee of 87 USD. This price is for adults. Children below the age of 10 pay 32 USD. Having a health card is vital since health insurance can’t cover most treatments.

Dubai Health cover

It’s a requirement by the federal government for all workers to provide their employers with a detailed health cover plan. For expat workers, they need to make necessary arrangements about the health coverage of their family and any domestic workers in their homes like maids, nannies, drivers, and cooks.

Primary Care

There are no committed general practitioner surgeries in Dubai city. This means that all non-urgent treatment care, you will need to see a family doctor or visit a private or public facility for medical attention. These facilities offer general outpatient consultations for both children and adults. They also provide other services that include gynecology, vaccinations, and antenatal clinics. Sick children can receive care without having an appointment.

Specialist care

In the city of Dubai, it’s not a must that you have a referral from a family doctor for you to see a specialist. You can pick any specialist from a private and public facility. Also, there are online services that can assist you in acquiring a specialist and then schedule appointments for free. However, seeing your family doctor first will be an ideal idea since they will connect you with the right specialist for your particular medical needs.

Emergency Care

Public facilities offer free emergency medical treatment for everyone. If you don’t possess a health care card, the hospital will issue you with a provisional one once you arrive at the emergency department. With compulsory health insurance for all residents, various major public facilities accept dubai health insurance cards and then bill the insurance firms for the emergency services given.

The system is functional across Dubai. All public facilities receive insurance cards. Private facilities also offer emergency care. However, this can be a bit expensive if you don’t possess a comprehensive dubai health insurance. The government of Dubai also has a paramedic or doctors for home emergencies. 

Maternity services

If you are expectant, dubai health expects that you register with any hospital that you wish before your gestation period is due. You can’t register after seven months of pregnancy. You can also decide to register with the various private facilities across the Emirate.
For a government-sponsored facility, you will be required to have a valid passport for you and your spouse, a valid health card, and a marriage certificate. To give birth in Dubai, you must be legally married.


There are numerous pharmacies in Dubai. This ensures that dubai health is sufficient. You can acquire over-the-counter drugs and other prescription medicines. Most pharmacies are opened 24 hours a day. However, Dubai is so strict with certain medications. They view some medications as controlled substances. This will mean that there are some drugs that you’ll need to purchase in other countries. However, you can’t be allowed to bring them to Dubai.

Dental care

This care is costly in Dubai. It’s so expensive that most expats decide to go back to their countries to receive oral treatment. If this is a critical concern for you, you might consider acquiring a dubai health insurance for dental care. This will help you cover most of the costs.

Acquiring a dentist in Dubai is easy. They provide quality services. You can acquire the services of a good dentist through online and telephone directories or via a personal recommendation. When it comes to dental care, most residents consider private medical cover that provides dental insurance.

Dubai offers excellent medical care, but it’s too expensive. English is widely spoken across the Emirate, making it effortless to communicate with a professional.

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