China Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

China pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is an icon of hope and a wonderful future. It will combine traditional Chinese aspects with modern architectural ideas. The Chinese pavilion will be one of the biggest pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai with 4,636 sq. It is design in harmony with the principle of the ‘contrast of Chinese and western tradition with Chinese culture as the basic’

It will dramatically display China’s intense culture and long-lasting history by delicately integrating the Chinese aspects with latest technologies.

China is officially a country in East Asia the people’s Republic of China and is the world’s most crowded country, with a population of around 1,428 billion till 2017. awning approximately 9,600,000 square kilometers, it is the third largest country in terms of area.

China is famous for its tourist attractions and aside that China is also famous for different inventions. China is well known for as a producer of many popular and strong teas. China’s growing economy’s speed and rate makes it among most strong countries in the globe.

 Features of China Pavilion

  • To witness Chinese creations and innovations at its magnificent.
  • To watch dazzling and impressive light shows in the park of the pavilion
  • To experience 5G, AI and bright progress
  • It will hold more than 100 exciting programs, such as opening and closing events of Chinese pavilion.

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Theme of the pavilion (Building a community with a shared future for mankind, innovation and Opportunity)

China’s pavilion theme is building a society with a divided future for mankind, creation and Opportunity.

China’s pavilion will underline China’s creative scientific and technological developments in the area of information, science and technology, and transportation, Adding the FAST, Beidou Satellite, 5G technology and artificial intelligence and advertise the ‘Belt and Road’ as well as the theory of building a society with shared future for mankind.

It will elaborate on china’s concept of innovative development, display new opportunities china has escorted to the world through educational and technological innovations.

China has been accomplished to promoting opening up and collaboration and calming development through the Expo. China will also share its experiences and follow up exchanges and coordination with UAE and other participants of Expo.

According to the deputy general manager of marketing and PR department of Tencent group, their technologies will demonstrate Chinese pavilion, including gesture identification, speech recollection, smart retail and writing robots etc. displaying the future life of science and technology through relations and creativity.

Technologies, promote smart experience

A road show to nurture China’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai was boot off recently at the international floriculture Exhibition in Beijing. Tecent is become a formal partner of China pavilion, goaled enhancing visitor’s experiences, creative active experiences through technologies.

China pavilion will focus on showcasing China’s scientific and technological developments in information and transiting.

Architecture ‘Construction Engineering design group corporation limited’

The architectural design and theme of the China pavilion has been decided. The pavilion is also called ‘Light of China’ with designs sketching inspiration from Chinese lantern, idealizing hope and a great future.

The combination of traditional aspects and modern architectural proposal with latest technology spotlights the faith of Chinese culture. A panda exhibition and other linked events will also happen at the China pavilion to display China’s different panda culture and developments in the safety and exploration of Huge giant pandas.

It is said that hopefully the construction components of China pavilion will make sure the quality in line with the engineering requirements and attempt to complete the work as soon as possible.

Opportunity District

China pavilion will locate in the Opportunity district with in the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The scheduled China pavilion will feature official events, cultural performances as well as economic and trade conference. China pavilion will also arrange different cultural programs, intangible heritage displays and youth exchange activities.

Chinese pavilion appearance will highlight ancient China’s four inventions; Papermaking, gunpowder, compass and portable printing. It will also ornamented with glass and Chinese traditional tracery windows.


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