Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

Crossroads of Civilizations Museum is a private museum in Shindagha Historic District that provides a tremendous glimpse of Dubai’s historic role as trading connection among East and West. There are hundreds of artefacts on the displays in the museum from Greeks, Romans, Ubaids and many other civilizations that crossed by the region.

Detail about the Museum:

It is inside the Museum Group TMG, a historic center. Crossroads of civilizations museum is containing its meaning in its name itself. This museum is having rare books, Unique manuscripts and prints museum, The armory museum all together in one place.

These all aspects are showing the best of each civilization that has passed through the nation by personifying the legality of Dubai as a cross road of international trade routes and cultural link between Asia, Africa & Europe. It entwines together a prolific story of how the quality of characterization of Dubai and UAE is a natural achievement and development of historic interplay of the travelers all over the world, the Bedouin and the traders.

Vision and Mission of the Museum:

The vision of the museum is to bring people together through the positivity and good historical relationship. The mission is to emphasize the importance of the global values like respect and tolerance by depicting the historical part they played in helping the humanity, civilizations and flourish them in progressing them in various dimensions.


CCM is stands for Crossroads of civilizations Museum, which is private museum in Dubai. It was inaugurated in 2014. This museum is an iconic and classic one which pays homage to the ancient rich history of UAE as a link of trading between other countries.

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During the visit of this museum you will explore and appreciate the experience of historical dimensions of main human civilizations that played important role in the overall development of human values and the good positive beliefs. These values belong to the positivity and aesthetic aspects of people who left their marks of fingerprints in the field of art.


It is located on Al Khaleej road, Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum House Dubai, UAE. It is situated in the traditional area of Shindagha district which is known for historical district in Dubai.

Inside the Museum:

The CCM contains of historical artefacts of Abbasids, Sassanians, Babylonian, Delmons and many other civilizations with other various exhibits that are brought from other geographical regions of the universe. The history of all the civilizations can be found under one roof in this Museum.

Cross road Civilizations Museum has been developed actually to mark the contribution and role of the age-old civilizations on the way of progress, achievements and development. It is playing a huge role to bring all of the civilizations on one page by emphasizing the real essence of unique relationships between people.

It will be an opportunity for the upcoming generations to have a crucial advantage to explore the beauty of patience and discipline. As we already read above that foundation of this museum is also based on moral values of humanity such as positive thinking, respect and tolerance. These values are rooted in ideology, culture of people and the leaders of them.

Parts of the Museum:

The Museum is divided into three parts Manuscripts, Weapons and Civilizations that tells us about the legacy of UAE and Dubai fully. Dubai has always seen a great interplay of almost all the civilizations of the world. The museum has collection of Art, literature, cultural aspects, shows the beauty and bounty of all ancient civilizations.

Galleries of the Museum are divided in an innovative and creative way. A large quantity of letters from different travelers, autographs, artefacts, manuscripts, letters of kings and explorers etc. The work from different generals of Army and sultan of old times have been also kept there.

Among these galleries are Historical Royal Gallery, Multi faiths, Sword and Daggers Gallery, Old books gallery, local history gallery, traditional guns’ gallery, Palestine and Holy gallery, explorer gallery etc.

Collections of the museum have some most iconic and unique prefaces. In these collections you may find glass artifacts stored from old civilizations, ceramic collection old more than 3000 BC which is maintained here, Stone collection is of Roman Armors, sculptures, antique statues that are preserved on stones and rocks and coins collection of historical coins for visitors to witness the Roman, Islamic, Greek and many other civilizations coins.

Different exhibitions are held frequently in the museum for the visitors to boost their knowledge. They also have separate document zone for those who want to know more about the history in written. It has many records and reports and play a role of storehouse for the students who are coming here to learn about UAE and other civilization’s history.

CCM has got many awards and among these awards the most famous one is the Best museum in 2015 award given by Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperative Council for the role in highlighting and preserving the heritage of Gulf and also connecting the future generations to the heritage of the country and nation.


Crossroad of Civilizations Museums is open from Saturdays to Thursdays from 8 am to 8 pm.


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