Do you know what the Nol card is and where I can get one?

Getting a Nol card is necessary if you want to take public transportation in Dubai

If you’re new to Dubai and would like to use the bus, Metro, or Tram for the first time, you’ll need a Nol card, which is an accepted payment method for most RTA services. Where can you get a Nol card, and which one should you get? You can find all the information you need here:

Nol cards include different types

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai provides public transport users with the following options:

1. Nol Red ticket

Disposable paper cards called red tickets can be purchased for Dh2. Suitable for use on a one-time basis. Please note that you can only choose one mode of transport at a time – either bus, metro or tram – with this ticket. 90 days or ten single trips are included in the validity period. Applicants for red tickets do not have to provide any documents.

2. Nol Silver card

Silver cards are valid for five years after paying a one-time fee of Dh25 (with Dh19 to spend on services). Applicants don’t have to provide any documents when applying for a silver card. RTA’s Silver Nol card can be used to pay for all public transportation services, such as water taxis and abras, as well as non-transport related services, such as parking and grocery purchases at outlets that accept RTA’s Silver Nol card.

3. Nol Gold card

Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram Gold Class cabins are accessible with the Gold card. It costs Dh25 to obtain the card (with Dh19 available for spending on services). Besides being valid for five years, it is also a payment card that can be used for everything from transport services to other payments, such as the Nol Silver card. Application for the Gold card does not require any documents.

4. Nol Blue card

Your Emirates ID must be linked to your personalised Metro card, which requires activation. You must provide your Emirates ID and photograph at the Metro ticket office and pay Dh70 (plus Dh20 on service purchases). Alternatively, you can apply for the card via the RTA website –

You will need to apply for the Nol Blue card if you want to qualify for concessions on public transportation due to your determination or your age.

If I want a Nol card, how can I get one?

There are several ways to get a Nol card. You can apply at any Metro ticket station, at a ticket vending machine, or online by visiting


Having a Nol card makes utilizing RTA’s public transportation services a breeze. Regardless of whether you have taken a bus, Metro or tram during a trip, the RTA system only considers how far you have travelled. Depending on how many ‘zones’ you have crossed, the price varies. There are seven zones in the RTA’s public transportation network.

In other words, you can take the Metro, then the bus, then the tram, and it will be considered one trip if you are in the same zone. You just need to make sure the next mode of transportation doesn’t take more than 30 minutes! After 30 minutes, all trips will be charged separately, even if they are within the same zone. You may be charged the following amount for using public transportation, depending on the card you choose:

Within one zone – Dh3-Dh6
Two adjacent zones – Dh5-Dh10
More than two zones – Dh7.5-Dh10

Children under the age of five, students, senior citizens, people with determination, and people with disabilities travel for free.

Nol cards are good for grocery shopping, fast food, and other purchases

Nol cards are also good for making purchases at supermarkets and fast food restaurants. Nol cards can be used as debit cards at many restaurants, supermarkets, clinics, fuel stations, and government departments to make electronic payments. Payments are deducted from your e-purse when you make a payment.

How to check Nol Card Balance?

You can check Nol Card Balance by clicking on below link. Enter your Card Tag ID and hit search button:

Nol Card Balance Check Page

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