Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the most famous Dubai attractions and among captivating attractions in Dubai Mall. Actually Dubai is the awe-inspiring city made by man, that is filled with most popular tourist attraction and destinations in the world.

Dubai’s each and every tourist attraction shows us different stories of the development of the nation from the golden sand desert to current developed and beautiful Dubai. Everything about Dubai set an impact on visitors who came to explore or to enjoy their holidays.

Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo is one such mesmerizing attraction that will leave its visitors spell bound with many of its delights. This Aquarium and Zoo gave immense feelings to the visitors. It depicts beautiful view of aquatic life of various animals in this big suspended aquarium of the World.

Dubai Aquarium is the best opportunity to explore the world’s top mysterious marine life. This is perfect spot for families to have a good weekend in this place. Here we are going to explore Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo in different ways. It has three main sections which offers you unlimited unique experiences through marine exploration.

First is Aquarium Tank: It is a home to at least 140 species of thousands of aquatic animals with a lot of different varieties of them. This tank is one of the biggest water tank in the world. There are sharks, myriad and rays and many more water creatures which make this tank too attractive and absorbent for kids and adults too. This Tank has the huge collection of Sand tiger sharks of the world.

It is situated on the ground floor of the mall with 10-million-liter capacity and among largest suspended aquarium of the world.


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Second is Aquarium Tunnel: One another section of this place is Aquarium Tunnel it is a 48-meter-long walk via tunnel. It is an interesting way to have a walk in this tunnel and explore this exciting world of marine life. It is a perfect place where you can capture these scenes through your camera’s lens.

Underwater Zoo: The Zoo is located two levels above from aquarium tank. This underwater zoo allows you to have a detail look and find amazing range of aquatic animals with the help of 40 different display tanks. This zoo is comprising 3 different eco systems that are rainforest, living ocean and rocky shore and a great spot to explore about different creatures like Penguin, African dwarf, piranha, Giant Spider crabs, crocodile and so many more.

Location and getting there:

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo is located within the Dubai Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road, Doha street Off 1st interchange, Dubai UAE. You can reach there by Financial Centre Dubai metro which is 20 min far from Dubai Mall and Dubai mall metro station which is 14 min far only.

The Things to do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:

This breathtaking Aquarium and Zoo offers you to get up, go closer and personal with thousands of water creatures through a huge range of experiences which totally depends on your wish and the level of adventure. Now we will mention these exploring experiences down to have you detail knowledge which you must have before visiting it.

Shark Feeding Encounter: We all heard from our childhood that sharks are very dangerous and most terrifying aquatic creature on the earth. We have watched many horror movies where sharks are depicted as the horrifying creature that destroys everything coming close to it.

The underwater zoo in Dubai Aquarium has played an important role to break this image of sharks from our minds. You can experience the latest shark feeding encounter in Aquarium and under water zoo that brings you closer to these breathtaking predators for the very first time of your life.

This category offers you an exclusive shark feeding experience where you can watch out some divers tempting the sharks with full of fishes buckets. The divers who don’t have experience before for this they can enter too in this feeding area. This is 30-minute underwater journey is followed by the tour with facilities. Visitors ca watch feeding the sharks and breeding program of Aquarium.

Price for Shark encounter and Dubai Aquarium is 630 AED.

Shark Dives:  If you are looking for he adventures and unforgettable thrill you must need to have the diving experience in Dubai Aquarium. The depth of the dive is 10-million Liter Aquarium Tank. During the experience of diving you will have to face world’s largest collection of Sand tiger sharks, which you can only get in Dubai Aquarium.

For this diving experience in Aquarium Tank you don’t need to be an experienced or certified diver. Anyone can dive into it to have a great adventure inside the Aquarium by watching huge sharks so closely.

The price of the ticket for Underwater Zoo Shark Duve and Dubai Aquarium is 790AED per person.

Shark Walker: Some of the people are not interested to get socked their hair into the water or not thrilled a lot to have diving experience so they can have experience close encounters with rays and sharks and many other aquatic creatures just by prosody in for the Shark Walker experience.

For this you have to wear white helmet, that requires to help in breath comfortably underwater and your hair can keep dry. It will get 25 thrilling min in underwater heaven. You can see thousands of fishes closely and can entertain with unique underwater encounters.

The price for this experience is 620 AED.

Cage Snorkeling: If you are not comfortable in shark diving you may have experience a cage snorkeling where you can enjoy close encounter with different aquatic animals. It is a safe experience than shark diving. For this you just need to wear snorkeling gear and get into cage and dive into the aquarium that is full of aquatic species such as sharks, rays and many more.

The price for this cage snorkeling adventure is 370 AED.

There are many more activities and adventures to experience in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo such as different wonders underwater Zoo, meeting the King Crocodile, VRZOO experience.

 Opening hours:  

10:00 am to 12:00 midnight and the last admission should be 30 min before to closing.

The timings for junior aquarist adventure programs are started from 2pm and ended on 5pm, and for seniors from 1pm to 5pm. Between Sunday to Thursday.

Ticket prices:

The basic ticket price is 120 AED per person including Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater zoo.

But if you want explorer experience for both areas the price would be 175 AED per person. There are some other premium options so you can choose whatever suits you and able to explore anything you desire there.

The aquarium’s acrylic panel that has weight more than 2,45,000 kg and measuring 32.8 m, 8.3 m and 750 mm and featured as the largest in this kind and it is in world Guinness Book of world records (2010 edition).


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