Dubai Design District

The flashy, innovative Dubai Design district is famous for international fashion and design festivals, events, chic galleries where they display the upcoming work of artists and designers.

Dubai design district has been expanded through careful consultation to provide an innovative ecosystem with the design community that exceeds the expectations of a typical creative neighborhood. The Dubai design district builds the impressing, authentic and related concepts designing Dubai’s future as a leading country in design, art and culture filed.

Dubai design district has its own style, spirit and unique appearance. This district is a home to Nation’s growing society of creative thinkers and innovators. This district is being built under the plan 2021 by using the smart city rules and regulations that offers the visitor the digital connectivity to make a creative led- economy.

Main Aim of Dubai Design District:

The main concept or aim of making this district was to educated the future generations to know about the importance of art, creativity and importance of all sorts of design. It aims to grab, inspire and enhance emerging talent.

It is a best platform to showcase the talent and creativity of Middle east artists and talented people at a huge and larger global platform. This is the suitable place where creative people can grow, work and play with their art and talent, where impressive and inspiring designers can pioneer and learn about their trade.

This is the place where talent of the community can work along international design, fashion and art houses. It is like a heart of the all artistic places where creative minds can come closer and work together to fulfil their dreams.

A sneak peek about the Dubai Design district:

Dubai design district is located right in the heart of Dubai, it was launched in 2013 by UAE’s prime minister and the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The vision of making this design district was to build a tailor made hub of design zone which can emerge local talent and promote them to the global talent platform.

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It is a tap into the great potential of luxuries fashion and designing industry, it is a hub for global fashion and design and also known as D3. Design district is a home to large and small firms and companies, from local boutique designs to uninfluential global fashion houses.


The Dubai market plays an important role behind the popularity of Dubai design district as the fashion industry and design firms are getting more fame into the region. The Design district is located next to the business bay zone of Dubai and in the middle of the city, and so close to Dubai Mall and placed very deliberately to this area in terms of geographical location.

Design of Dubai design district:

The Dubai Design district is supervised by Dubai technology and Media free zone Authority, unconventional regulatory plan of action. This design district is one of the type of ecosystem that build the market to promote the upcoming talent of art, fashion and design brands and luxury life style.

How to set your business in D3 Free zone?

There are a lot of people who are interested to invest in order to set their business in Dubai free zone that is famous for design and creative people. The people who are interested that provide space, collaboration and chances for creative minds across the whole nation and attracts extra talented people from the world.

The UAE has been carefully expanding a creative ecosystem to attract the typical talented neighborhood. The procedure to set up your own business in this design district zone is same as we need to follow in any other free zone. To be applicable for setting a business in free zone you should have commercial license with you.

First you need to submit your application, then what ever documents they want youneed to submit those documents along your application and with this you need to full fill require payment. After that your registration request will be proceed further which will take 2 to 4 weeks for the approval. Then you have to collect your registration certificate with your valid license.

Fashion industry:

Dubai design district is an urban district which is fully dedicated to fashion industry and other types of professional design. More than half of all major international level retailors having outlets in Dubai. Design district attracts international fashion houses to set up main outlets alongside new businesses in Dubai. UAE design market was the largest fashion market in 2015.

Tourists attraction:

Dubai design district is also a part of attraction for the tourists coming to Dubai, even the residents of Dubai as all the top cafes and restaurants are situated alongside this district. You can enjoy modern spin on French food, Mediterranean exhibition and many more at this Dubai design district. It is a coolest neighborhood inside the region. This district provides a perfect destination for the people to enjoy the surrounding area and have a chance to meet with creative and trendy people.

The most interesting thing in Design district is the entertaining events that take place throughout the year and provide chances to the fashion and design lovers. The two greatest event Fashion Forward Dubai and Sole DXB.

Sole DXB is related to the shoes with latest designs by the biggest international brands, like PUMA, Nike and more. Fashion Forward Dubai is about the exciting and daring fashion in the city and providing the platform for enthusiastic designers to share the ideas and fashion sense with each other.

The creative society is kept excited and fresh ideas with latest brands welcomed all year round. This area is full of offices belonging to various markets, this is the best place to work form, either it is freelancer or any type of office work.

In short Dubai design district is the creative community area where anyone who has interest in fashion industry can must go and have a look on the latest fashions and designs following in the region or around the world. It is mostly recommended visit for the business mind person who want to invest in fashion and design business.


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