Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a gigantic structure located in Zabeel park, Dubai. It is really impressive, a structure in a form a large rectangle tall of about 150 m. what an interesting landscape design for all. Indeed, a niece structure opened since January 1, 2018. A curious place of attraction full of meaning.

 External view

As mentioned earlier the Dubai frame with its rectangle shape is quiet amazing especially, when you look at it very closely. The outside wall specifically the edges are decorated with a particular type of golden tiles frame shining, probably real gold! Yet to be verified. In between the edges, you can find very blue frame bright glasses over which there are particular Arabian design, quiet attractive. It’s obvious no one can resist this. It’s really astonishing. Looking at the surrounding park in which the frame is constructed, it has a circle shape. At the entrance, you can see an outstanding swimming pool at the middle of two attractive purple flowers garden. All these in semi-circle shape as well. Moreover, all around there are very magnificent trees giving to the whole site its merit of attractive park.

Internal view

All start with a quick check up by the security staff at the entrance, immediately after what you face description of the whole project through some screen view. While at the other side you can find a hallway complete blue with screens all around displaying the future Dubai with cinema designs and concepts. Quiet nice and splendid, just a come see and be mad of fun. From the ground floor to the 48th through a very fast lift, you can have nice view of the outdoor display and Dubai marvelous constructions. Once at this upper floor, you discover nice floor made of glass with blue frame, from which you can have another nice view of the down park and admire the shining nature around. At different angles of the wall you can see screens of triangle shape displaying nice color with a command board on a cylinder structure where you can write, draw or design anything and it will appear on the screen within a second. Isn’t that fantastic. Visit and enjoy the experience.

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Meaningful though

This spectacular structure is indeed a place of nice discovery in the sense that from there, you can easily make a difference between the old and the new Dubai. Of course, you discover the old city Deira and Dubai creek with low-rises building and seriously very old. And at the other side the new Dubai, with very urge structure, specifically the Dubai mall shinning from every side. Oh yeah, so amazing, a view you can notice from the low site. It’s an experience to be witness by everyone. All you need, just grab a ticket

Tickets price and opening days.

The tickets price range from AED 50 for Adults to AED 20 for children. The entry is young children under three and for people with special needs.

It’s open Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday from 09:00am to 09:00pm.

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