Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden located in Dubai land district of Dubai, UAE. The miracle garden was launched in 2013 on Valentine’s day. It occupies an area of 72,000sqm. And create the world’s largest natural garden filled with 50 million flowers and almost 250 million plants.

Miracle means the wonderful appearance or an amazing occurrence. If you will hear about Dubai Miracle garden you will definitely think about something very pretty and amazing destination. It is much similar to its name with the title of world’s largest garden made with natural fresh flowers located in Al Barsha 3 in Dubai Land. This area is a home to different species of flowers and fresh plants and beautifully sculpted in mesmerizing designs.

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the garden in Dubai and even in World for having a unique display and an extremely beautiful outdoor recreational spot. It provides the state of the art services and the facilities of open parking, sitting areas, toilet blocks, praying area, ablution facility, first aid room, carts for handicapped people and many other facilities to accommodate the visitors.

Developing process of Dubai Miracle Garden:

The Dubai Miracle garden’s concept was formed with an agreement among Dubai properties Group destination and Dubai land. The project development was organized under an agreement with Agricultural company and Akar landscaping, which was led by one Jordanian Business person Abdel Naser Rahhal. The cost of the project was estimated of 40 AED million.

The first phase of this project was finished and opened in 2013 February with consisted of outdoor facilities of 21,000 sq.ft which has Horizontal and vertical land area pattern where every one of them their own design. First phase development took almost 2 months and 400 workers worked in their development.

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The second phase of the project was started in June 2013 and finished in October and expand the area 70 percent and construct the 850,000 sq ft car park which is multistory parking area and increased the garden area to 2 million sq ft. This phase development also includes the floral clock, retail stores, mosques and the butterfly garden’s addition in the project.

Timings of operation:

Dubai Miracle garden operating time is from October to April. The garden remains close in the months of May till September because of high temperature and humidity with an average of 40⁰c and this weather is not conducive for viewing the flowers.

Provision of water:

The flowers of the garden are getting water from the recycled watering taps or drip irrigation method. According the Dubai Miracle garden’s officials, Dubai Municipality retreats the greywater of the city and directly send to the garden where this water again filtered by the garden authorities and able to give to the plants and flowers.

Mickey Mouse in the Garden:

Dubai Miracle garden has a license deal with The Walt Disney Company so a topiary of Mickey Mouse is also situated in the garden, which was unveiled in February 2018. After Mickey Mouse many Disney characters were also built in the garden such as Goofy, Huey, Dewey, Donald Duck, Pluto and Daisy Duck.

World Record:

Dubai Miracle garden has won 3 Guinness World Records. The first record was declared in 2013 as a world’s largest vertical garden. Recently, an AirbusA380 with flower structure also broke a Guinness World Records as a biggest flower structure in the World.

Mickey Mouse structure made by flowers with the weight of 35 tones is also in World records as the tallest topiary supported sculpture in the world.

The Dubai miracle garden was awarded as a Moselle Award from Garden Tourism Award 2015 as a new garden experiences of the year in April, 2015.

Features of Dubai Miracle Garden:

  • There are many things that can amazed you by their beauty such as Floral castle that is surrounded with flowers and has sitting ae, dining facility and much more. You will feel that you are in fairyland while roaming inside the castle.
  • One more attractive structure is Teddy Bear of 12-meter height and comprises of thousands of plants and flowers. This teddy bear is holding a hear which depicts the message of love and harmony for all.
  • Lost paradise one another feature of the Miracle garden which is underground floral cascade with 20ft deep, you can find many floral houses and bungalows there, which provides you an amazing ambience look at Dubai Miracle garden.

Not just a Garden:

Dubai Miracle garden is not just a garden or a park but it is a botanical garden. There are certain rules and regulations which are implemented to protect flowers, such as No outside food is allowed inside, people cannot sit on the grass there or cannot ride a cycle inside. There are several food counters inside the garden so no need to worry about hunger, you can get variety of things like ice cream, kebab, veg food and many more.

Dubai Miracle garden is serving in beautiful way by displaying various sculptures, starts, birds, hearts, flower designed in 3D shapes and much more to excite you. The best part of this garden is its 70 percent water safety plan by using waste water with unique sub surface drip irrigation system.

Hot to get to the Miracle garden?

The garden is located in Dubai Land and 20 min away from Emirates Mall. The best way to get there through your private car or taxi. One more option to get there is Red Dubai Sightseeing Bus. The cheapest way is the public transport and they are charging 5 AED from Emirates Mall to Dubai Miracle garden for the tourists at route number 105. After finishing you tour you can get back from there on same bus.

Timings and Entrance fee:

The garden remains open 12 hours a day, on weekdays it opens from 9am to 9pm from Sunday to Thursday. On weekends Friday and Saturday from 9am to 11pm.

Entrance fee for Dubai Miracle garden is 40AED for adults and 30AEd for kids age of 3 to 12yrs. The ticket is free of cost for disable people and kids below 2 yrs. The main point here to mention is ticket should be bought on official ticket center not form any vendor outside.


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