Dubai Museum Of The Future – Tickets, Location and more

Living in the present was what the pandemic taught us. But sometimes, we take advantage of the past a little too much. Dubai Museum of The Future is a gift from Dubai.

With its gaze fixed on the future, Dubai has always been anchored in its present. A number of institutions have been set up to look at the direction the emirate ought to take economically and infrastructure-wise in the future. Imagining and reimagining the future is almost a discipline in itself.

Perhaps the most ambitious step in the journey is the opening of the museum of the future on Feb 2022. The word museum is a good choice for something that looks forward instead of backward.

Museums preserve our past, neatly stacking it so that future generations can better understand their cultural and social heritage. Understanding our past helps us understand ourselves better. We gain a better understanding of the ‘now’ by looking into the future.

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In that sense, the Museum of the Future is an unusual project; it’s a space for exploring ideas that can shape our future, but which we have to take the plunge and embrace now rather than being sceptical of it. Institutional ethos is reflected in the architecture. Humanity is symbolically represented by the oval-shaped structure, with earth symbolized by the mound and the space between represented by infinite possibilities that await us in the future.

  • As of 2071, things have changed quite a bit since you first stepped foot in the museum! A beautiful blend of history and technology blends together in the exhibitions.
  • Under one time-traveling roof, the Museum of the Future brings together futuristic technology and sustainable solutions!
  • Visit the torus-shaped building with its 77 meters of gleaming calligraphy panels. It is an impressive feat of modern engineering that there are no columns inside this structure.
  • You’ll find five chapters spread across five floors. Each describes a particular problem, a particular goal, and a particular idea. Make your way down from floor 5 to floor 4 in a cascading fashion starting from floor 5.
  • Climate change, ecology, health, wellness, spirituality, and space travel and living are among the topics explored in the five chapters.
  • It is not accessible to the public on floor 6. You may enter the Event Hall on Floor 7. Floors 1 through 5 have the main exhibits.

A great deal has already been written about the structure, but the most important writing is on the structure itself, which immortalises the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai: “We might not live for hundreds of years, but our creative legacy will last long after we are gone”, “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and implement it”, “The future does not wait.”. The design and construction can be done today.”

Those are the words that best describe what the museum will do – be a breeding ground for new ideas that will shape our future.

In addition to a giant elevator that takes you to the future of societies, human beings, and life on the Earth, the Museum of the Future puts you face-to-face with tangible technology. Step inside!

Ticket Price: Entry Ticket (3 years old and above)
AED 145.00

Child Entry Ticket (under 3 years old)

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