Montenegro Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

Montenegro pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai will be a latest platform for a sustainable and flourishing future. Engross yourself in Montenegro’s great cultural history. Explore the sustainability- operate future, and appreciate its wildlife and beauty.

The Montenegro pavilion will offer visitors an insight into the country’s multi pious cultural heritage, its national theme parks, water resource materials and assorted ecosystems, while celebrating it as an open and secure subsidized destination.

It will also spotlight the richness of Montenegro’s variety, its creative efforts to afflict a balance between person and nature, and its way for rapid economic achievement that search to save the environment for the future generations.

Montenegro is actually a Balkan county with bumpy mountains, gothic villages and a narrow row of beaches with its Adriatic coastline. Montenegrin citizens are very warm and friendly nature so Montenegro is safe country to visit with some types of care needed.

Montenegro is known as Land of black mountains and as a best destination for summer holidays because of its sunny beaches. It is not a very rich nation but in restaurants they charge only tourist prices. Montenegro’s culture is a diverse and pluralistic same like their history and geographical condition.

Features of Montenegro pavilion

  • To explore 5 key aspects of Montenegro’s nature
  • These aspects are mountains, sea, rivers, biodiversity and lakes.
  • To live again the Montenegro’s thousand years old history as the most splendid episodes.
  • To entertain with country’s famous style of hospitality.
  • To enjoy an insight into the Montenegro’s different religious and cultural heritance.
  • To enjoy national parks, resources of water and diverse ecosystem with enjoying it as an open and secure investment place.

Sustainability District

The Montenegro pavilion is located with the Sustainability district of the Expo 2020 Dubai. It is the latest country to reveal its Expo pavilion. It will be an experience of a journey into the nature with a woolen path so this will be a better occasion to provide a glance.


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Theme of the pavilion ‘Montenegro, Blessed by nature’

Situated in the Sustainability District of Expo, the Matija Vokovic organized the design of the pavilion which will have a theme of Blessed by Nature. This theme is being representable through the whole pavilion of Montenegro that how the nation is blessed by the natural resources like water resources, mountains, their rich and old culture and heritance.

The pavilion will permit visitors to research about Montenegro’s history and rich culture and geographically position with the help of the given diverse ecosystems, parks and resources of water and it will be proving a safe and secure investment destination.

The pavilion will highlight the profuseness of Montenegro’s diversity, its creative efforts to maintain a balance between the man and the nature. It will also underline the strategy for quick economic achievements that seeks to save the atmosphere for our coming generations.

Architect and design (Matija Vukovic)

The Montenegro’s Ministry of foreign affairs offered an idea design competition for the pavilion’s installation, shape and graphic designs for Montenegro pavilion for Expo 2020. The Matija Vukovic architect company was chosen for this purpose later.

The Montenegro pavilion design was revealed ahead of Balkan country’s statehood Day that was celebrated from 13 and 14 July every year. It is designed by Matija Vokovic, which will showcase the Montenegrin’s culture, history, wild nature and the sustainability driven future.

Visitors will walk on a woolen made path at the country’s pavilion with also lights of forests. The pavilion will provide a tour, followed by expanded reality (AR), which will offer sights into the five aspects of the nature of Montenegro. That are seas, mountains, rivers, lakes and biodiversity of Montenegro.


  • Stories about the Montenegro’s first printing organization are also decided to present in pavilion for visitors.
  • Three landforms are visualized and each of them identifies 3 iconic places, which will aim to connect Montenegrins to the other world with the help of their stories, art and crafts and the natural landscapes.
  • With the help of the local people of Montenegro they visualized Montenegro’s natural views which are unique, special, historical along incredible combination of topography.
  • Visitors will be fascinated by the classical and iconic views and sites of Montenegro through the country’s pavilion.


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