Dubai Street Museum

Dubai Street Museum, if you will look at the name you will come to know that what does it mean and what is this place for? Dubai street museum is one of the most artistic tourist attraction of Dubai where many of the artists across the world show their art in different fields. Dubai Street Museum is situated in Satwa Dubai with the label of most prominent national graffiti hub in UAE.

They painted the walls and buildings of one of the street in Dubai with various attractive themes which will be described further. In this at street every corner and wall of the street is showing a special art. Different local and international artists work with each other to boast up some of the buildings in Dubai.

The people who are interested in artistic work or they are in link with somehow with art they would love to roam around this Dubai street Museum which is in itself an Art from each side. There you can wonder by looking these pictures or images drawn by the artists and can come up with different meaning from them.

History of Dubai Street Museum:

The project of Dubai Street Museum was curated together by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari, they are the founder of The Mine the famous art gallery in Dubai.

Total 16 street artists including local and international level such as Hua Tunan, Inkman and Abdullah initiated their cherry-pickers to transfer the drab faces on the street of Dubai called ‘2nd December’ into a beautiful outdoor art gallery, in 2016. They have drawn the murals on the themes of Dubai old rich culture and heritage. Artists from different countries had participated in first phase of Dubai street Museum.

This street gallery is reflecting the heritage of UAE’s Bedouin. This marked the first part of a government’s five year funded project that focused on adding colors, glory, Urban pizzazz and beauty to the other areas of the state. The first phase of this Street museum show, being combine implemented by Brand new Dubai, Dubai Municipality and creative arm of Dubai Government of Media city, saw the participants of different local and international mural and graffiti artists.

These artists have added prominent names like German Artist Case Maclaim, French artist Jullien Malland, Lithuanian artist Ernest and Russian artist Julia Volchkova. The artists that participated in Dubai street Museum art they were very excited as it was the big change for them to paint the murals and learn the culture and heritage of Dubai with this.

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You will fsind over 70 murals maed over the past few years.Among different street art there are some of them that are particular and marked their presence in visitor’s mind in special way.

Giant Robot charging its batteries:

The Dutch artist Leon Keer wrapped up a huge new artwork for the recent latest edition of this art street. This art museum is projected by SAN. Leon Keer have drawn a 3d-mind blowing illusion that depicts a giant Robot charging the batteries of itself at home.

Leon keer is among the great street artists in anamorphic street art. The DSM is planning to transfer this art street into an open area museum which will be getting a lot of fame in the world. You can find this Big 3D Robot made by Leon Keer in happiness street in Trade center area.

Old man in boat:

There is a picture in 2nd December street where the artist from Russia, Julia Volchkova draw this motif displaying an old man in traditional dress of UAE, rowing a boat of wood. Different viewers can get different definitions from this picture but what most of them think that this old man is rowing this wooden boat on the shores across the Dubai Creek.

Calligraphy quote:

Inkman is famous calligraphy artist of Tunisia who finished his large scale mural work in Dubai street museum last year. He spent over a week to finish this highly immersive piece of art. This calligraphy art is related to a quote by Sheikh Muhammed.

The sentence written is ‘A positive spirit resides in our soul- It demands our attention and play a strong role’

The Past:

Martin Watson a Norwegian artist visited the streets of art and curated the theme of ‘The Past’. He spent few days completing this art work. He shows from this mural work the traditional style of Picking dates from Palm Trees.

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Martin used his famous signature style of graffiti that actually pops against the dark background. This piece of Art was painted by using Montana gold spray and Acrylic paint.

Traditional weaving pattern:

The French artist geared this piece of art with Montana gold spray and use his pointillism technique to cover the whole building. This piece of art was inspired by traditional weaving style from the UAE. This art piece also took one week to complete and almost 75,000 single dots were made in this art.


The French artist Vincent Abadie Zepha also participated in Dubai Street museum by painting a huge art piece. This unique art piece is completed in few days up high on his wing level. He geared this art piece with his brushes and paint. This piece of art is now among the largest piece in UAE with displaying the matrix series theme.

Children in Emirati outfit:

This piece of art is made by French artist Seth Globe painter who is famous for his signature art of imagery. He created this art piece in few days which showcasing two children in traditional Emirati dress hiding themselves into a window.

Resting Emirati Falcon:

The Chinese artist Hu Tunan spent few days up high on this cherry picker in process to complete his majestic art of Emirati Falcon. He used hundreds of Montana spray paints and it took 5 days to complete it. This piece of art has ultra-intricate details which is giving it an impressive ad intense feeling.

The background of the falcon is made to give Chinese mountains feelings. He used this technique that his father taught him few years ago.

Founding Fathers:

This work of art is done by an Emirati female artist named Ashwaq Abdullah, who pays homage to two founding fathers of the nation, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed.

These all 12 artists have been encouraged to change the appearance of Dubai’s street 2nd December. They painted 16 murals of the thoroughfare’s buildings which are part of Dubai street museum. This action is a great initiative to promote Emirate’s visual art and its rich cultural heritage.

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