Elephant Clock

Elephant Clock Dubai is invented by an Arab engineer Al Jazari and creator of many other clocks, it was a medieval invention. This Clock is having weight powered water clock in the shape of an Elephant. This technology’s idea was taken from the previous Indian clocks or Chinese clocks. The Elephant clock had some styles differences as compare to Indian and Chinese clocks. The various aspects of the clock are on the top of elephant.

The finishing and developers of the Elephant clock are Al-Jazari as mentioned earlier and they said that Elephant shows the Indian and African culture, the dragons are representing Chinese culture, the water work shows Greek culture, the phoenix depicts Persian culture and the turban shows Islamic culture. This all identifying the mixed cultural mentality of the logical Thoughts of Al-Jazari.

Developer of The Elephant clock:

It is built over 5 months to finalize the diagrams in original manuscript of 13th century. This elephant clock is located in Ibn Battuta mall, Dubai and is a tribute to 800 years old engineering blaze. It is among an ingenious devices invented by Badi-Al Jazari who is known for its famous manuscript, like Book of Knowledge of ingenious mechanical apparatus, this book was published in 1206.

Al Jazari’s work included devices like automatic door and gates, animal automata and humanoid too, and mechanical clocks which was the main work of his that make him famous. He was no doubt the most outstanding Islamic artist, scholar, mechanical engineer and creator. The Elephant clock is indeed the best production of his and it is different from other creations.

The Elephant clock is unique in its elaborate form and the functioning process of the clock is also too special. The physical appearance of this clock depicts many cultures such as The elephant shown is an Asian elephant or you can say Indian elephant, the dragon represents china the phoenix shows ancient Egypt and the turbaned represents Muslim culture.

Mechanism under Elephant Clock:

There is a timing mechanism fixed inside the elephant that is based on Water filled basin. There is a deep bowl in the bucket which is floating in water and having small hole in the middle. It will take half an hour to fill the bowl through the hole. In this process the bowl pulls the attached string with see saw of tower on the top of elephant to process the sinking.

This above process releases a ball which drops into mouth of a serpent, that cause the serpent to move forward, and then it pulls the bowl sinking in the water with the help of strings. This system of strings creates a figure in the tower to lift the right or left hand and the driver of the elephant to hit the drum. This whole process takes an hour almost to complete.

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The foot mall which is 3.5 million square and elephant clock can be found there is called for the 14th century explorer Ibn Battuta. The mall has three themed section areas and can be seen from different areas of the mall. The elephant clock is located in the India Court area. This full size production was authorized for the 2005 opening of Ibn Battuta mall and carry forward by UK based firm for science, civilization and Tech.

This above mentioned foundation is dedicated to communicating information about the history and culture of Muslims. There are plans heard from mall publications to recreate the castle clock.

The clock is a dynamic machine with several moving parts in it, these all parts are working in link with each other and mark every half an hour as it passed daily. The main mechanism is inside the elephant structure. The whole process of filling the water in bowl and then filling the tank is taking almost an hour or half an hour to run like a clock.

Famous attraction point of Dubai:

The Elephant clock is no doubt a famous attraction in Dubai where people are coming to click a lot of pictures of the ornamental elephant. The visitors coming to the mall are specially coming here to see this creative attraction of the mall. If you know about the history of making this elephant water clock you would really love to see this.

This clock is created as a replica of famous water clock which was invented by Muslim Polymath and was crafted to the features of 13th century manuscript. It is obviously recommended by those who already visited the mall and have seen the elephant clock. This cultural fusion in this masterpiece is for sure worth watching.

As compare to many inventions, The Elephant clock is indeed a remarkable thing of Muslim origins of latest automation and robotics. 1001 Inventions company made various replicas of Elephant clock that are touring in different countries as an educational science exhibits since 2006.

The Elephant clock is must watch attraction, if you are planning to visit Ibn Battuta mall you should keep in your mind to witness the Elephant clock and click pictures with this robotic watch with the beautiful elephant’s structure presentation.



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