Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is among one of those museums that collects, saves, preserves and showcased the heritage and culture of UAE in different walks of life like political, social, cultural, military and scientific as well. Etihad is basically the Arabic word that means union and in this museum they depict the picture of the union of seven emirates and their ruler’s role in it step by step.

They have a huge collection of everything around the world which can be displayed in the museum such as old passports and the personal artefacts of UAE’s various rulers.

The Etihad museum encircled the Union house, the location where the emirate’s founding fathers signed an announcement that marked the evolution of the UAE in 1971, which is now the part of museum compound.

The museum is located over 25,000sqm on the same historical site of Union house the same place where that constitution was get signed in 1971. This museum is equipped with an educational center, library, restaurant and temporary exhibition hall.

Etihad museum was opened for the public in 2017 and this striking modern museum shows the birth of UAE in 1971, stimulated by the discovery of oil in 1950s and the cancelation of British in 1968. The museum building is very elegant in design its roof shows the sheet of paper on where the declaration was written on.

Architecture and design:

The Etihad museum design is so beautifully designed by Moriyama and Teshima Architects. The shape of the museum is like the shape of a manuscript, along 7 columns constructed into the museum to duplicate the pens used to sign the genuine declaration or evolution.

First pavilion: In first pavilion they will show the documentary movie about UAE’s history.

Third pavilion: This 2nd pavilion will house an extensive interlinked map spotlighting the era before the emergence of the federation.

Third pavilion: It will be an interactive schedule that explains key historical programs before the union of United Arab Emirates.

Fourth Pavilion: This will show visual display of the meeting among the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Fifth Pavilion: This pavilion is an interactive conductor to the formation of the Union.

Sixth pavilion: It will show a homespun to the important substance and the challenges

Confronted the founding fathers of UAE before the union in 1971.

Seventh Pavilion: This pavilion will be given to the UAE constitution and will add the original declaration.

Eighth pavilion: This is the final pavilion and will be an open gallery and in this open gallery they showcased the newborn nation of UAE.

The pavilions feature the contrast in its material palette which pristine white marble floors and expand throughout the area and create the amphitheater steps which allow for gathering for different school groups and seminars.

The heavily textured black marble stone covered the building hub and link visitors to the upper area that are having café and exhibition space.

Experience the contemporary history:

You can explore the contemporary history of UAE in this latest Etihad museum of Dubai. This museum is located in magnificent latest building in area of Jumeirah where they offer a series of interlinked pavilions so visitors can discover the UAE’s history.

There are a lot of photos films, movies and much more to show how the nation is developed from time to time and especially between 1968 to 1974. Visitors can experience the rich culture and heritance of UAE and can explore about the life before the treaty that united these all 7 emirates.


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This is the perfect place for those who want to know about UAE’s past and present and their developmental stages as well. There is no another better place to have insight into the UAE’s astonishing economic development since its independence as the first federation in whole Arab world.

There are a lot of giant paintings by different artists such as Abdul Qader Al Rais which shows the geography of UAE. These paintings are giant and eye catching. There are the huge pictures of seven rulers of UAE who founded the nation, with their family pictures and their personal belongings like their passports, cane and sunglasses etc.

Visitors expectations:

  • Etihad museum is an eye opening place which gives you a glance how country union decided and established and how United Arab Emirates is actually formed.
  • Visitors can explore each and every step of the journey of their union and the efforts they make to unite their seven emirates, their developments throughout the journey.
  • This museum shows how the people belongs to this country are proud of their leaders who struggled for their unity and they placed a museum to explain the world about their progress and achievements.
  • Visitors can enjoy the 3D documentaries and high technology based films to show their historical places and events time to time.
  • This is a beautiful and peaceful place where the people can enjoy in groups or alone both, as it is full of knowledge journey to go to Etihad museum so everyone can have a good time with more explorations and discovery.
  • It is the best place to explore about the founding one of the fastest growing nations in the globe.
  • There is a beautiful library inside the museum except different artifacts, photographs or other displays, where visitors can enjoy reading about vast history and culture of UAE and many more things.

 Opening hours:

Museum opening hours are daily 10am to 8pm

Some guided tour companies are also available and offering tours for the museum daily from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Visiting hours:

It is recommended to plan almost 3 to 4 hours to spend in the museum.

Ticket prices:

Museum entry has different price ranges according to the age. For adult 25AED, Group 20AED, Student 10AED but child and people with determination are free.

The Etihad museum is in fact a museum with detail history and cultural exposure. This museum honors the UAE conception story. It is known also as a historic union house where nation’s constitution was get signed in 1971. Etihad museum displays is full of the learning process of UAE’s heritance and cultural history.

The nature of Etihad museum’s designing as an immersive learning atmosphere demanded an ease and flow of motion to enhance the visitor’s journey. The multimedia screens feature educational material to cultivate the view as an active cultural and historic campus.


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