France Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai

France pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai is a Solar-powered skill and an analogous universe. It will showcase of the nation’s cultural asset and commitment to sustainability. France will be lightening up Expo 2020 Dubai. The France pavilion will bring France’s vision to a global audience. It exemplifying a bold, victorious and creative vision of the nation and linked territories.

France is a country located in Western Europe, surrounded by medieval cities, towering villages and beaches. Paris is the capital of France which is famous for its fashion industry, art museums such as louvre and monuments like Eifel tower. France is a beautiful safe country. It is famous for its best touristic places.

The France pavilion is celebrating the French Model of creation that joins ruthlessness and sustainable achievement. Dubai 2020 Expo is a good opportunity to encourage a bold and cheerful vision for the future of the World.

Features of France Pavilion

The French pavilion is featuring the competence and focus on how they are saddling digital technology to modify cities and regions.

  • To entertain with daily illumination shows
  • The relieving gardens and creation lab
  • To feature a lounge for business matrix

Ambassadors of the pavilion

The French pavilion is proudly revealed the names of the two Ambassadors (Jessica Preapato a French pastry chef and Thomas Pesquest a French astronaut with ESA. These two are the Ambassadors of the French pavilion who totally personify its values of bravery and French art de vivre.


All Expos in the world are one of the important opportunities for all countries that are participating to showcase their talents. The theme of the Expo Dubai 2020 is encouraging all to think about digital technology is changing our lives and helping us to build the type of sustainable future we want.

It is a best opportunity for France to promote a bold vision for the World’s future. The underlying goal is to display how France is holding the solutions and developing to turn the challenges they are facing today into tomorrow’s great chances.

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Theme of the France pavilion ‘Light, Lights’

The French president gave a task to the ambassadors of the pavilion in September 2017 that re define human the depth of change. That’s what the main focus of the French pavilion 2020. The technology serves an aim that if its make people’s life better and help them to encourage the common goods and secure their planet.

The French pavilion will offer the common goods of country, a pool of upcoming companies. The goal is to shed light on the prosperity of talents, goods and services.

The French ‘diaspora’ will play a valuable character and offer one of the connection in Dubai. French pavilion will promote France’s environment mission. It is said that this pavilion will be the great sustainable structure of the country which has ever built.

‘Light, Enlightenment’, the France pavilion, located in Mobility themed area, goals to spotlight the fastest mobility which can be ‘that of light’, as well as to summarize the Enlightenment, the symbol of the dissemination and sharing of knowledge.

The Enlightened 24 one per week will present throughout the Expo in the form of projections, artistic entertainments, round table meetings, lectures, concerts and events etc.

Location; Mobility area

France pavilion is located in the Mobility district of Expo 2020. Mobility means moving and moving by augmentation, Mobility also has the meaning to do changing, changing the function, advent to of form, like; Mobility is moving the people or goods, linked regions and distributing ideas and information data, is essential to all the changes unfolding today.

Architecture /Design of the pavilion

France design its pavilion very impressive to offer visitors to an unforgettable full concentration and illuminating experience. It will be overflowing with life, connect different people and welcome other world.

The concept of the pavilion is built on the three bioclimatic pillars, arranging the solar capture, serving a highly heatproof and airtight wrapper, and restricting as much as possible the usage of fossil fuels.

The French pavilion is in fact the emblem of France participation in the Expo 2020, which will showcase the economic and tourist attractions of the country. The pavilion is offering the space of experience for all audience. It will express France’s different vision by joining an aspiring architectural project with impressive scenography.


Almost 80 percent of the energy used is made by the France pavilion. The food court and waiting space are secured from the Sun’s light by the sling canopies. This secure shell is shaded with Solar panels. It uses the Sun light to generate photoelectric energy. This double function allows the process to be almost self-sufficient in energy and reduces wastage of energy.

The inbred area of the pavilion is reinforced by the utilize of innovative and high executing technical systems. There is an installation which offers the interior of the structure to be chilled naturally while reducing its consumption by 20%.

There is another system which shields the eco system is called micro purification station that reuse waste water and provide this water to the plant watering system and the flushing system of laboratories. Through this way the drinkable water requirements of the Pavilion will be less by 30%.

All above systems are helpful and highly efficient, controlled perfectly and adjusted to the atmosphere context and to the local temperature.

Visitors experience

  • Visitors to French pavilion at Expo 2020 will feel as they are transported into a shining, Monet-impressed vision of the France’s sustainable future.
  • Visitors will be around by waves of light that came to spread out and remake from the artificial sky above.
  • They will be immersed in a sensory journey which will allow visitors to smell and hear the sounds of a traditional trade.
  • Visitors will experience a glance of Paris in Dubai by taking tour into the France pavilion.
  • Visitors will experience the feel of wandering through gardens, top up with olive and lemon trees


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