Getting a work permit in the UAE will help teenagers gain experience

UAE fraternities have welcomed the UAE government’s decision to allow students with a temporary visa young as 15 to work here soon. Students will be able to gain some experience while adding value to the economy of the UAE with the new provision. The UAE government announced this month its project, part of the Projects of the 50, as a “great initiative” hailed by community members.

Experts in education say that collaborating with industry leaders will help students prepare for the workplace and for life in general. According to Simon Herbert, CEO at GEMS International School in Al Khail, the move will give young people a taste of actual employment.

Despite how sheltered today’s youth is, it is heartening to hear that a small-scale program will allow them to gain a glimpse into working life. We want our students to get a taste of what it’s like to work for a living and apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations. It is in the interest of society as a whole to show its young that their own contributions to a workplace, as opposed to theoretical learning, are valuable in and of themselves.” The school’s CEO and principal, Matthew Tompkins, said that the move represents an “excellent step forward” – recalling his own experience as a young man working part-time in order to try new things.

The author discusses how collapsing the classroom and the workplace is beneficial to everyone.

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