GoChat Messenger: Etisalat now offers free voice and video calls

GoChat free calls: A new messaging platform called GoChat Messenger has been launched by UAE telecom operator Etisalat by e& that will allow residents to make free international video and voice calls.

In addition to remitting money, paying bills, and playing games, GoChat will also be available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

As Etisalat expands its global reach and explores new markets to pursue strategic partnerships and acquisitions, it has unveiled its new brand identity ‘etisalat by e&’ earlier this month.

A statement from Etisalat by E& stated: “At Etisalat by E&, the company continues to work hard to invent and create innovative products and services that enhance customer experience, maximize value creation, and drive smart connectivity.”.

We have added GoChat Messenger to our suite of products and services in light of the growing need for more connectivity in a post-pandemic world.

In addition to cleaning services, GoChat offers PCR testing and personal grooming.

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