Green Planet – Dubai Zoo & Indoor Rain forest

The Green planet is Dubai’s first bio-dome that rebuilds the captivating world of a tropical forest with its’s biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. The Green Planet is a new indoor attraction spot in Dubai, that brings a rainforest to Arabian golden sand desert.

The green planet is opened in September 2016. And functions as originally ecosystem and boasts over 3,000 sorts of plants, insects and animals according to the Local news.

The aim of the Green planet is to provide different educational trips with full of the knowledge about forests and life in it. It is space where Dubai’s residence and internationally people whatever age young or old can learn everything about wild life.

It is expected that Jumeirah is now a home to the tropical rainforest which is actually the other name of Green planet in City walk. This planet is not exactly the shape of a dome.


This indoor green planet of rainforest is located at a retail compound called City walk. Which is Dubai’s most popular lifestyle district and amongst a good range of eateries to entertain before and after experiencing the rainforest journey. This Green planet is situated inside a 150-foot-taller glass building.

Inside the Green planet:

The humidity in this rainforest is set at 70 percent higher than the normal level of the temperature and because of this the temperature stays between 77⁰F and 82⁰F. Visitors need to cross a bridge made up of a rope from the outer platform to get to the artificial tree in the middle of the Green planet. An indoor water fall which looks original, is also linked with this tree to give it natural look.

There are a lot of animals living inside the indoor rainforest such as American toucans, butterflies, tree boas, three toed sloths and lizards too.

In the middle of this indoor forest there is an 82-foot-tall tree with an artificial trunk. This artificial tree is the master piece of this planet, which is the largest tree of its own kind in the world. This tree creates a living atmosphere in which animals and plants can bloom. This tree is manmade tree and the largest indoor tree in the world.

But there is more interesting stuff to learn that this tree is fake in its full height but the plants attached to that tree are original not fake. They can creep and bloom across it, which means in coming few years this tree will look more green and big than now.

There are a lot more things that are the main focus of the visitors who are visiting there like aquariums inside this rainy forest and art exhibitions and a lot of reptiles that are fully spread across this tropical rainforest.

The most significant thing that attracts the visitors inside this rainforest is the birds that are flying from branch to branch throughout this whole green forest. In this birds there are the largest race of toucan in the world, Solomon Island Ecletus, the parrots from Brazil that boast Brazil’s national colors in their feathers and The Hyacinth Macaw which is the longest parrot family in the world also available in this tropical rainforest.

Visitors can find porcupine, lizards, crocodile and bright green snakes, that are nocturnal and the best time to visit is after 6pm so visitors can see them lively.

Educational programs:

There will be several educational programs for different schools of Dubai and different emirates around the Dubai at this place. There are different offers for these educational programs according to the age group of the children.

What Visitors can explore or experience in Green Planet:

  • The Green planet is an ecofriendly museum that invites visitors to have a brilliant time and learning journey through this rain forest specially kids.
  • Visitors can have good time by watching these beautiful scenes around them and along that they can learn a lot about nature and wild life.
  • They can have experience about the nature around them and how it works in different stages of life, they can compare their lives and this natural life in the rainforest.
  • It is a great deal of life, diversity and the best way t tell the story of eco life system.
  • Visitors will learn about over 3,000 animals and plants inside this bio-dome tropical rainforest.
  • They can explore fascinating Earth’s flora and fauna via an immense expedition into the tropics.
  • Visitors can experience the uniqueness of another world that is different form the world they are living.
  • Visitors specially the children can learn how the forest and greenery is important and playing a role for their future to protect nature and keep their environment healthy and natural.

Who can visit the Green planet?

It is the most suitable place for all ages to visit there and learn according to their age. All people of different ages can explore a lot of things in this tropical rainforest but it is the best and suitable place for those who love nature and are passionate to learn about nature, forests and their laws.

Children can enjoy a lot in Green planet as there are a lot of animals and birds throughout the planet so they can love to spend their holiday in Green planet.

Each level of the forest is explaining the different role of the rainforest that play in forest life. These three levels are The Canopy, Mid story, Forest floor and flooded rainforest. It is full of experiences for the senses with different creatures roaming around and the waterfalls running which makes the environment more natural and beautiful.

Timings of Green Planet:  

Timings of Green Planet City walk Dubai is 10am to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday. And on Friday 10am to midnight even on other holidays also. Parking is free there.

Ticket prices:

There are different price costs for entering into this tropical rainforest called ‘Green Planet’ For adults they charge 95AED and 70AED for children (age 2 to 12). There is one resident sloth too where visitor can freely roam around with no entrance fee to pay.

Little instruction is added there to keep in your mind before visiting the Green planet. First your photo ID is compulsory before entering there to submit on the main gate. Second Children must be with some adult or any guardians at all times during the visit. Third some of the activities may be not in operational mode due to any maintenance issue or due to weather. Hopefully it will be a good help to you to plan your trip for the Green Planet, Dubai.

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