Hub Zero – Dubai

Hub zero spread over 2 floors and on 18,000sqm. area. It is the place for interesting gaming experiences as compare to any other. Their computer games were not allowed once to computer screens, but Hub Zero cross all the limits of the ultimate gaming in indoor space.

Hub Zero is a perfect destination for the game lovers, video game adductors, virtual reality passionate gamers and the people who love to have fun. It is the enthusiastic spot for kids and adults alike who love driving simulators, karaoke rooms, retro arcades and love to climb virtual climbing walls.

Hub Zero is located in City Walk district in Jumeirah. Hub Zero is first in its kind of indoor gaming zone in the region. It makes us believe that how technology transfer you to all new features which looks like the real world and where the virtual world strike to make a totally new Universe.

The reason of Hub Zero’s popularity:

Hub zero’s range of entertaining programs is amazingly varied. Hub Zero has 14 action zones that are themed on the biggest gaming franchises in the world such as Resident Evil from Capcom, Battlefield from Electronic art and Gears of War from Microsoft and many more.

They offer for kids the karting simulators, 4D cinema, 3D immersion tunnel, LAN gaming area with 8 gaming booths and 70 stations, an indoor climbing zone, billiard tables, karaoke tables, old retro gaming machines also where any elder person is also bound to feel wistful over.

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You will find here a 360-degree style house of The Dead in Hub Zero the very exciting place to be in where you will fight off many zombies. You will get a chance to drive in the game Hyper Drive where you will feel the car is vibrating under you at neck breaking speed. Like these games you can entertain with many live games, you can battel with enemies in Hack attack and so on.

Hub zero is bringing you closer to other big play arenas in the city like Green planet and Mattel play, they are based on educational gaming theory in playing mood. Like at Mattel play children can play in a secure place which they planned especially for kids age from 2 to 10 years. There are immersive range of activities for kids in 5 themed zones, where kids can learn valuable teamwork, confidence, discipline, focus and much more.

On Green planet you can feel yourself in tropical area that is equipped over 3,000 types of animals and plants. This place is for all ages of people to find the stuff of interest for themselves and can immerse adventure, peace, relax in nature and so on.

Attractions on Hub Zero:

Now we will talk about the multitude attractions and well stocked games in Hub Zero which is divided in 2 floors. Most of the attraction you may find on ground floor of your interest and they are also distributed in to 5 categories like Shooter- Thriller- Hyper- Gaming and Group Fun. Most of these activities have height limit of 120cm.

Shooter: In this category we will find few activities or games mentioned below.

Bio Terror: In this 3D game you have to enter the umbrella cop lab and start shooting the zombies with the help of laser guns. The most of the zombies you will shoot you will get more points.

Hack Attack: This is a 10-minute 3D immersive experience of rain bullets in full force attack using gun typed devices that are specially made for this game or simulators. Here you will hear a lot of loud noise, sounds of gunfire, fire and strobe effects.

Virtual Arena: This is experiencing the wireless virtual reality with the help of art head mounted screen views, real time 3D machines and motion capturing systems. The target of the game is to kill 61 zombies in 1st level to move ahead. The 3D effects of movement and visuals will give you the best immersive experience.

Thriller: This category relates with more fun and adventures activities like;

Dragon Age: Here you will have a chance to enjoy a ride on the back of the dragon and explore the mythical kingdom world of Ferelden. This journey you have to continue by dodging tress, arrows and magical vortex. This ride of roller coaster serves few people at one time.

Asura’s Wrath: This is a 4D cinema and name taken from the original same game, this includes special effects with seat vibration, air blasts, leg ticklers, theatre bass sound and water spritzer. They show the pre movie also for those who have not experience of playing any video game to guide them.

Escape form Midgar: It is a heart stopping bus ride in 3D experience to escape the dangerous atmosphere of Midgar. You will experience a loud noise in stunning visuals of tunnel, light effects, simulated fall effects and explosions.

Hyper: Third category is Hyper where you will get these activities

Hyper drive: It is the game for those who love to play need for speed which is extremely racing game on a virtual track and have shown on three 42 monitors. It is the experience of amazing driving with 6 various degrees of movements.

Plants vs Zombies: It is a soft play area with free standing for kids and toddlers. This attraction will be favorite for your little kids.

Double Agent: It is the place to protect the data by moving through laser beams. It has four levels easy to advance. As you try not to break any beam so this game tests your reflexes and agility.

 Sport Academy: It is the spot for the PES fans, where they can examine their shooting sand soccer kills against 12 minutes PES tournament, it is the great physical task that can engage in ball sports.

Vertical adventure Hero zone: It is climbing challenge to test your agility, strength and flexibility.

Gaming: Time Warp arcade is the place for all nostalgic adults to experience the old time popular arcade games such as Space Invaders, Pac man, Asteroids and many more. There you can find many table top and pinball games.

Network Arena: It is the place to start your gaming marathon with high speed internet connection and less latency with latest PC games.

Group Fun: It is on the upper level of Hub Zero.

Lucky break: It has ten tables of tournaments that can be rented for an hour. It is a perfect place for pool lovers who are eager to practice their shots.

Pixel: There are 3 event rooms with space of 60 people. You can arrange birthday parties, gathering with friends, throw parties and family gatherings. Food providing services are also available with chosen party platters. You can choose food of your choice.

The Void: It is full sensory and immersive VR experience.

Shopping and Dining:

The most interesting thing at Hub Zero is it is a place where you can find shopping, gaming and Food. There are Nitro Ice bytes, Cache point, Hub Café where you can satisfy your hunger cravings.

Hub Café: Here you can find pizza, salad, burgers on retro style café and Hub café to relax, refill and recharge.

Cache point: Here you can find all possible gaming merchandise, collectible stuff, accessories at Cache point and Hub zero themed gear. It is one in all shop where you can fill your all gaming needs desires.

Timings: Hub Zero timings from Saturday to Wednesday are as mentioned;

Arcade 11am to 10pm, Rides 2pm to 10pm.  And on weekends Arcade is from 11am to 12am and rides are from 2pm to 12am.


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