iFly – Indoor Skydiving – Where is ifly indoor skydiving?

What is iFLY Dubai?

 Are you a fan of adventure, do you like risk, you want to take control over your fears, there is only one place with a unique experience you will never like to miss again after visiting, the Ifly Dubai center.

Ifly Dubai is an indoor skydive highly recommend which gives you the possibility of flying like a bird without wings up 3 to 4 meters into the air in an 800 horsepower wind tunnel. The experience is quite relaxing, and tends to be a necessity for people who need to have some fun with friends, family members or colleagues. It might seem unbelievable to fly without a parachute nor being in an aircraft, in ifly Dubai, this is possible.

In fact, this amazing place is a safe controlled environment made of two side by side 10 feet recirculating wind tunnels which blow the air enhancing the body to move vertically up flying into the air. It’s located at the third floor city center Mirdif close to a shopping mall. It has a training room outside the tunnel where the experienced instructor teaches the flying techniques through videos. And near to this, there is an area where the fly suits, goggles and helmets can be provided to experience skydiving in live. 

Talking about the experience itself, once you get into the facilities, you will be directed to the training room to receive instructions on how to position the hands and maintain a stable body during indoor skydiving. Moreover, you also receive lessons on how to enter and exit the flight chamber and the communication signals during the flight.

After being aware of the safety, it’s time to get a personal lifetime flying experience. You will be provided with safety body equipment mentioned above. The experience is held in the presence of a competent instructor inside the wind tunnel, who will be directing you during this funny time. The duration of a flight is 10 mins during which you have all the excitement of being carried above, it’s that not incredible. Try it, you won’t regret the experience.

Located at Playnation level 1 at Mirdif City Centre

For details and inquiries please call 800- FUN ( 386)

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